Hot and rainy weather for the next two weeks


According to the forecast for May 26–June 8, weather will be warm in most regions at the beginning of the interval, then temperatures will slightly decrease and it will rain in the majority of regions.
In Transylvania, average highs will reach 23…25 degrees Celsius and rain will become intense during May 30 – June 3.
In Moldavia, a heat wave will persist until the end of the month, with 28-29 degrees C, then temperatures will drop around 25 Celsius after May 30 and chances of rain on larger areas will increase during May 29–June 1. In Muntenia, weather will become cooler on May 30–June 2 interval and temperatures during daytime will be lower, around 19-22 degrees C. Rain conditions might appear in the afternoon, especially in hilly areas, widespread toward the end of the month.
At the mountain, too, weather will be relatively hot, with average highs of 15…17 Celsius and lows of 8…10 degrees C. More abundant rain may fall on May 27 and 30. At the seaside, in the interval May 30–June 2, temperatures will decrease compared to the present highs of 27-28 degrees C, around 19-22 Celsius, but starting June 3 they will return around 26-27 degrees C.
Danube exceeds flooding levels at Galati
The Danube River waters on Tuesday at southeastern Galati port city reached 602 centimeters, two centimeters above the flooding levels. According to Galati-based Emergency Situations Inspectorate, water has flooded the Danube inferior promenade on some hundreds of meters, a stroll place preferred by the locals, and several waterside terraces. The river’s crossing to the County of Tulcea is not endangered yet, the ferries traveling after their normal schedule, every 30 minutes.