How do local leaders see the PNL-PDL alliance?

At the center, things seem to be clear: PNL and PDL will form an electoral alliance until the elections of the autumn for the Presidency of Romania, then they will merge. In the territory, not everybody is content with this scenario, the variant of a new alliance followed by a possible merger being criticised by both camps, according to
Especially as, in some counties, USL is still alive and in others the democrat-liberals are already in power, together with PSD, and they do not like renouncing the money that comes from the state budget for the sake of a new alliance. For example, in Alba USL never worked, this being the only county where PDL succeeded winning the European elections of May 25. Thus, things are simpler here, says Florin Roman, vice-president of PNL Alba: “We support the unification of the right as viable solution to escape the country of the peril that PSD grabs all the power.”
At Arad, the liberals already posed conditions in the town led by Gheorghe Falca (PDL). “PNL must have a position of deputy mayor and one of vice-president of the Arad County Council (CJ) Arad,” said Ioan Cristina, the chief of Arad liberals.
At Bihor, the president of PNL Oradea, Ilie Bolojan would prefer to continue the pact with PSD. “We must find the formulas of collaboration that allow us to generate projects of development for this town. In order to do this, we need two thirds of the votes, a situation that we can only have as allies of PSD, as we are, or allies of UDMR,” Bolojan said.
At Botosani, PNL and PDL “shook hands” as early as the beginning of the year, when they replaced the vice-president and deputy mayor of PSD in CJ and in the Local Council. “At Botosani we anticipated this move,” said Catalin Flutur, PDL president. On the other hand, the president of PNL Braila, Catalin Boboc, was cautious enough over the collaboration with PDL, but will accept the decision from the centre. “We are people who always tried to observe the decisions of the party,” Boboc said. The leaders of the Braila and Buzau branches of the two parties agree to the alliance between liberals and democrat-liberals. At the Sea side, the right unites with just one purpose: to topple the mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare (PSD).
In Moldavia, USL never worked, because barons Gheorghe Nichita (PSD) and Cristian Adomnitei (PNL) did not agree with each other, so the alliance between PNL and PDL should pose no problem here. Things are different in Maramures where a close cooperation exists between PNL and PSD exists since 2007, which local leaders do not want to break. “The information is still too fresh. We have a clear alliance here, which works well enough,” said Mircea Dolha, president of PNL Baia Mare. Problems apparently exist at Satu Mare too, where liberals rule out the possibility of a local collaboration with PDL and insist for maintaining USL. “PNL and PSD can go together. We demonstrated that we are a force together,” said Adrian Stef, the president of the local organisation of PNL. At Satu Mare, the liberals supported in the by-elections of May 25 the PSD candidate Ovidiu Silaghi, for a seat in the European Parliament.
USL also lives in Salaj. “As long as local arrangements exist, as long as they are functional, breaking them is out of question,” mentioned the leader of PNL Salaj, Radu Capilnasiu. PDL controls the Tulcea Municipality and secured the majority in the Local Council with support from PPDD, so they did not receive with enthusiasm the new alliance dictated from the centre. “I do not embrace this idea with arms extended. We are not in the situation when this alliance must be urgently made,” PDL mayor Constantin Hogea stated.
Members from the leadership of PNL Prahova declared themselves “against any merger, with no matter what party, that would make PNL lose the identity of its 139 years. In his turn, the PNL honorary president Mircea Ionescu Quintus stated that the “first condition” for a merger with PDL is that the name of his party remains unchanged, adding that he would favour a merger through absorption and “amalgamation is out of question.”
The president of PDL, Vasile Blaga however said at “Gandul Live,” that the alliance with PNL will be a merger through amalgamation, not absorption, under the principle that a party has the Presidency (PNL) and the other the premier (PDL).
PMP wants collaboration, not merger
The president of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac said Friday, after the session of the National College of the party that PMP is willing to be part of a right-wing construction, but does not want to merge with other parties. The first congress of PMP will take place on June 7, when the party will elect the new leadership. PMP deputy Theodor Paleologu considers that it is unconceivable that the persons associated with the electoral disaster of the party remain in the leadership or effectively lead the party. The next president must be capable to negotiate with PDL and PNL, Paleologu added.

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