Hungarian agricultural attaché: Budapest to buy land in Romania

Budapest denies strategy to buy land in Transylvania in order to support the Hungarian presence there.

The Hungarian state is preparing a program that would allow it to buy agricultural land in Transylvania, and it is waiting for the new Romanian land law’s norm of application in order to implement it. “We have a program in this sense, which in essence entails that if someone wants to sell his land then he can sign a contract with the Hungarian state and receive a life annuity as a result. Moreover, if he wants to, he can remain the owner of the land during his lifetime. Obviously the question raised is what the Hungarian state will do with a piece of land on the outskirts of a Szekler village? In principle it can give it to a young person that does not own land but is willing to work it,” Szabo Jozsef Andor, the Hungarian Embassy’s agricultural attaché stated for
According to the Hungarian official, the steps needed in order to sell land to the Hungarian state are very simple: “After the system becomes functional those willing to sell need not do anything else than look for our nearest representation. One of our representatives will go on site and evaluate the plot of land. Depending on the result, we will make an offer. If he is not pleased then he can try the free market. If he accepts then, as I said, he will receive a life annuity, the land and the right to use it being set to remain on his name until the end of his life.”
Szabo Jozsef Andor claims that through this program the Hungarian state wants to support the continued presence of Hungarians in Transylvania and would focus mostly in the regions where Hungarians are a minority in the Diaspora. The Hungarian Embassy’s attaché also talked about this project in an interview for ‘Kronika’ daily and for the Erdely FM radio station. In these interviews he pointed out that the Hungarian state has not earmarked a budget for this program, because the start of the program depends on the Romanian law’s application norms. Asked whether the Hungarian side is prepared for a possible diplomatic row as a result of this piece of news making its way in the Romanian mass-media, the Hungarian official pointed out that he does not expect that to occur because the EU principles unequivocally support the freedom of movement of capital, the freedom to choose one’s place of residence and job.
According to him, Hungary already has strategies for forests and mineral waters in Romania. “The only difference is that these strategies were not thought-out in Budapest but were devised precisely by local authorities in the Szekely Land. Seeing how fast the forests disappear, they have turned to the Hungarian state for help,” the Hungarian diplomat stated.
The Hungarian Foreign Ministry however contradicts Szabo. According to, the representatives of that institution stated that it was “just an idea,” not a program, and that the Hungarian Embassy’s agricultural attaché did not give an interview on this issue. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson denied the allegations for ‘Nepszabadsag’ daily too, and the Hungarian Ambassador to Bucharest, Zakonyi Botond, maintained his statement that his subordinate did not give an interview, the aforementioned daily writes. According to Zakonyi, a tentative idea of buying up land appeared during an informal event in Targu-Mures last December, however there is no government plan in this regard. However, Szucher Ervin, the journalist that conducted the interview published by ‘Kronika,’ stated that the interview was very much real and he presented the tape recording to the ‘Nepszabadsag’ journalists.

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