Hungarian PM accuses Romania of disrespectful statements


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated Saturday at Tusnad Baths that Romanian-Hungarian relations should be respectful and remarked that although he has never made any disrespectful statements about the Romanian nation, the Romanian state has made ‘plenty.’ On Saturday, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Laszlo Tokes, and Nemeth Zsolt, president of the Foreign Policy Commission of the Hungarian Parliamemnttook part in a debate that concluded the 25th edition of the Summer ‘Tusvanyos’ University at Tusnad Baths. The ceremonies were attended by approximately one thousand people. “I myself am proud and the entire national community should be that no statements of the Hungarian Prime Minister have failed to bestow upon the President and the Prime Minister of Romania and the Romanian nation the utmost respect. From the Romanian side, however, statements which do not treat the Hungarians in Romania, the Hungarian state, and the Hungarian nation with respect have been plentiful,” Viktor Orban said, as quoted by Mediafax. In his opinion, the Romanian-Hungarian dialog should be courteous. “I will treat the Romanian state and its deserving politicians with respect; we are ready for dialog. We will always be open to discussions with the Romanian side,” the PM of Hungary said further.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also stated that he does not agree with the European policy supporting emigration, stating that he is among those who want to slow down the process. ‘We must state clearly that we do not agree to Europe-bound migration (…) If we look on a map we can see that there are European countries in which certain foreign communities reach 7 percent (…) and there will come a time when the ethnic basis of the national state is put in question (…) We do not want the European Union to transform into the United States of America (…) I do not agree and want to block, to slow down this emigration process’, said Viktor Orban.
While at Tusnad Baths on Saturday, PMP presidential candidate Cristian Diaconescu reacted to PM Viktor Orban’s remarks by saying it was not the Romanian side who made any gestures that could injure the dignity of the Hungarian state, but the “initiative” came from Budapest. Regardless of Budapest’s geopolitical options, Diaconescu added, the “Moscow – Budapest axis will never pass through any region of Romania” as far as the authorities in Bucharest are concerned, “and it should be made clear there is no room for compromise.”
Hungarian deputy PM Semjen pleaded for
Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen, also present at Baile Tusnad on Friday, pleaded for the autonomy of ethnic Hungarians, saying that each Hungarian community outside Hungary must draft its own autonomy concept, and Hungary will support it. ‘One thing is certain: each part of the nation must draft its own autonomy concept, perfectly fit to it, and Hungary – the Hungarian state – will support the autonomy concept of that nation. Yes, we will support with all our energy this autonomy concept (…) and we can say that there are already examples in the European Union for a certain autonomy concept; and, if a precedent exists, it’s also possible for us,’ Semjen said at the debates heading ‘Parts and whole – Round table of national policy.’
The Hungarian official declared that the autonomy is ‘a sore point regarding the heir, successor countries,’ and asserted that autonomy is not a Hungarian discovery or an extreme request, but rather a human right, or even ‘the queen of human rights.’  Semjen mentioned that one condition for getting the autonomy is the acceptance by the majority, and the majority in Romania so far rejected this request.
Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (PPMT) Chair Tibor T. Toro asserted that in Transylvania the goal is to create a system of autonomies, and his party imagines ‘a federal Romania.’ He criticized the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania for doing nothing about the Hungarian national policy over the 10-15 years since it was part of the government; he added that the presidential election in Romania is very important as an opportunity for ethnic Hungarians to publicize their claims and to voice their expectations from the Romanian state.
Tokes: I’m not optimistic about the autonomy
On the same occasion, MEP Laszlo said he was not optimistic about the prospect of autonomy for the Hungarian community in Romania because, to his horror, the Hungarian community has been turned into a diaspora, but he underlined “now is the time for autonomy.” (…) To our horror, we notice how the Hungarian community is turned into a diaspora, in addition to UDMR’s tragicomedy in the Romanian Parliament. There are 1.2 – 1.3 million Hungarians here and still we have not talked about the continuous colonization of the Szecklers and the tragic fate of autonomy,” Laszlo Tokes remarked. The MEP stressed that the time has come for the entire Hungarian community and its representatives to fight for territorial autonomy of the Szecklers and Partium because “total” national independence alone can lead to the “elevation of the Hungarians.” He criticized the leadership of UDMR for not attending the debate and accused it of preferring PM Victor Ponta’s company to “the other side’s.”