IAR Brasov in Airbus project on Super Puma helicopters


IAR Brasov, a public company, will cede to Vadstena, the company registered by Airbus Helicopters in Romania, a 15,000 square meter stretch of land at Ghimbav in Brasov County, according to a report of the company sent to Bucharest Stock Exchange. On that land, Vadstena will build an industrial hall of 8,550 square meters for the project to produce Super Puma MK1 helicopters in Romania. The shareholders asked the IAR board and the executives to negotiate with contract for the land, which should include several clauses. Thus, the land will be ceded to Vadstena for the project of producing Super Puma MK1 helicopters in Romania, but not for more than 99 years, whereas the price should be at least equal to the one set by an authorized evaluation company. The contract for the land will not be transferred to a third party without IAR agreement.