ICCJ: Ex Justice Minister Stanoiu was “Securitate” informer

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) – Supreme Court – definitively ruled Wednesday that former Justice minister Rodica Stanoiu collaborated with the former Communist Party “Securitate”, at the conclusion of a trial that lasted 7 years, the longest in which the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS) was involved. ICCJ rejected the appeal filed by Rodica Stanoiu to the similar verdict given by the Oradea Court of Appeals in 2006, CNSAS spokeswoman Anca Median said, quoted by Mediafax.
The court also rejected the request to notify the Constitutional Court, filed by the former dignitary, but this decision can be challenged by Rodica Stanoiu at the 5-judge panel of ICCJ.
The Supreme Court also upheld the decision of the Oradea Court of Appeals which compels Rodica Stanoiu to pay CNSAS the sum of RON 22,000 as trial expenses.
In November 2006, Rodica Stanoiu said on TV that the “Sanda” file which exists at CNSAS is a supervisory file that contains 1,600 pages which refer to the period 1978-1982. “My informant file was fabricated in 2003-2004, under the PSD government, at the order of the vice-president of a secret service. Radu Timofte knew nothing about this,” Stanoiu stated, adding that other Securitate files were doctored during the same time interval.
Rodica Stanoiu claims that she did not write the 18 informant reports attributed to her and they were forged based using her handwriting as a model, after 1990. “The entire forgery was made after 1990. There was a time in my life when I had a different handwriting, following a spine surgery. These notes that are attributed to me copy that writing,” Stanoiu said.
A former member of PSD, Rodica Stanoiu joined the Conservative Party (PC) in 2007.

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