IGPR: Second series of Romanian policemen for mission in Bulgarian tourist resorts


Romanian policemen are continuing their mission on the Bulgarian littoral, in the August 1-31 period, in the resorts of Albena, Golden Sands and Balchik, providing support for Bulgarian colleagues in their order and public safety missions as well as intermediating communications between Romanian tourists and Bulgarian authorities.

According to a release remitted by the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR), the first series of policemen, 6 agents in all, that developed the same activities in cooperation with the Bulgarian police, in the July 1-31 period, have successfully ended their mission. Their place was taken by six other Romanian policemen, starting with August 1.

Romanian police officers of the first series have advised 839 Romanian tourists, mainly by indicating points of interest and providing information regarding the legislation of their destination country.

Furthermore, in the past month, joint Romanian-Bulgarian teams of police officers have intervened at 146 events, most regarding settling conflicts, removing illegally parked cars and solving misunderstandings regarding currency exchange operations.

IGPR mentions that it is the fifth year in which such a mission is organized, previous missions being appreciated by Romanian tourists that had the possibility to address Romanian police officers directly for solving problems, even though they were on the territory of another state.