IMF not to give up on private management at certain companies


Following the meeting, Minister of Transports Dan Sova asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to remove some companies from private management as there were cases when the managers did not observe the AGM decisions made in accordance with the IMF agreement. “…I said it is very difficult to ask me to observe some things as long as the private management upon which I, as minister, have no power, refuses to do certain things, and yes, I said that from my personal point of view, therefore not an official point of view of the Government, there are at least some entities in the field of transports which should be removed from private management,” said Sova. The IMF response was not positive, completed the minister. “Therefore, I do not think I will do something in the upcoming period because I have no possibility to do it,” concluded Sova. The Transports replaced the management of several companies they rule, such as CFR Freight, Bucharest Airports or Tarom.  On the other hand, the minister of Transports says that the discussion about motorway tolls is only theoretical at the moment, and tolls will not be adopted in 2014 or 2015.