In response to the invitation launched by Placido Domingo, a new series of SoNoRo concerts will debut in Romania on the occasion of the Europe Day


To the urge of the famous tenor Placido Domingo, a new series of SoNoRo concerts will debut in Romania on the occasion of the Europe Day, in several buildings from different regions of Romania, most of them being part of the heritage, in order to revitalize and promote the Romanian architectural and cultural heritage. The list of buildings that will host these concerts includes the famous Casino from Constanta, several castles and a mansion museum from Prahova County.

According to a press release of the ARCHE Association, on May 9, 2018, the Constanta Casino will host a SoNoRo Conac concert, in response to the invitation launched by the President of Europa Nostra, Placido Domingo, in order to celebrate, in 2018, the Year of the European Cultural Heritage. Thus, Placido Domingo wishes to urge the cultural actors across Europe to pay a tribute, on May 9, to the European heritage through music, dance, or any other artistic performance, in the spirit of the Ode to Joy composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. As it was mentioned, the concert organized at the Constanta Casino is part of the SOS Conac initiative, launched last year, by which SoNoRo aims to sound the alarm on the Romanian buildings with a high heritage value and which are in an advances stage of degradation.

The concert joins the Casino Rush project initiated by the ARCHE Association with the nomination of the Constanta Casino for the 7 Most Endangered program conducted by Europa Nostra. Including the symbol monument of Constanta in this program marks the recognition of the Casino’s special importance for the European heritage, and especially the opportunity to collaborate with international institutions in order to carry out the restoration works. “By the concert held at the Constanta Casino, we suggest a return in time to that beginning of the 20th century, when the joy of living was represented in the splendid Art Nouveau style in which the casino is built and in the music of composers like George Enescu, Frank Bridge and Gyorgy Ligeti.

At that time, the art was sounding like an ode to joy in all its forms, but then, difficult years of war, totalitarianism and destruction came. The rehabilitation of the Constanta Casino would be a bridge over time to that moment of joy to which we want to return and whose essence we wish to reflect in our music, a call to rescue the beauty of the world that still lasts in these monuments, rhapsodies in stone that we do not want to let disappear” stated Razvan Popovici, the initiator of SoNoRo Conac and the Director of the SoNoRo Chamber Music Festival.

As mentioned in the press release, SoNoRo Conac is a project initiated by the Sonoro Association with the support of the BRD-Groupe Societe Generale main partnership, of the Order of Architects of Romania and of the National Heritage Institute, aiming to intermediate favorable contexts in order to rescue important monuments of the Romanian heritage. The next SoNoRo Conac concerts will take place as follows: The Timisoara Art Museum – the Baroque Palace, Timis County, on May 12; the Oravita Theater, Caras-Severin County, on May 13; the Cluj University of Art and Design – Matei Corvin House, Cluj County, on May 14; the Targu Mures Culture Palace, Mures County, on May 16; the Mikes Castle in Zabala, Covasna County, on May 17; the “Conac Pana Filipescu” Museum in Filipestii de Targ, Prahova County, on May 18; the Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest, on May 19; the Sturdza-Cantacuzion-Pascanu Mansion in Popesti, Iasi County, on May 30; the MIMI Castle, the Republic of Moldova, on May 31; the Culture Palace in Blaj, Alba County, on June 4; the Szekler Museum of Ciuc – the Miko Castle, Harghita County, on June 5. SoNoRo Conac is a project conducted under the High Patronage of the Romanian Presdiency.

We mention that in 2013, the Sonoro Association initiated a new project – SoNoRo Conac – which aims to suggest the need of respect, care and support for the Romania’s heritage and extraordinary cultural resources, by associating music with emblematic architectural works from Romania.

The project started with the idea to give back to the chamber music the initial, intimate space, proper for cultural dialogue and active listening of a restricted audience.  This project aims to raise awareness of the public opinion on the multitude of rehabilitated heritage buildings – fabulous, spectacular, elegant buildings that must be reintroduced in the cultural circuit. As for the concert to be held in Prahova County, we have to mention that the “Conac Pana Filipescu” Museum, a section of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archeology, it is an important historical monument placed on Voievozilor Road; the mansion, a remarkable piece of civil architecture, a jewelry of the Romanian traditional style, was restored with European funds, being include in the tourist circuit in May 2016.