Incertitude regarding Comarnic-Brasov motorway

The Comarnic-Brasov motorway, which CNADNR will build in concession and for which it already chose private investors, the companies Vinci (France), Aktor (Greece) and Strabag (Austria), does not have an estimative term for beginning works, as the banks due to finance the construction still evaluate the project.
“At Comarnic-Brasov, failure to sign the contract pertains to the analysis of financial institutions,” the minister of Transportation, Dan Sova said in a press conference. Among the banks that will finance this project there are EBRD and EIB. Asked which the other banks are, Sova said that the answer lies with the three constructors that will build the motorway. The Comarnic-Brasov motorway, the first in Romania to be constructed under concession, will be ready in 2017 at latest and the cost of design, construction and project management will amount to EUR 1.8 bn, PM Victor Ponta and Minister Dan Sova said at the beginning of the year. They promised that construction works would begin in April, which did not happen.
On the other hand, the minister of Transportation answered the criticism made by President Traian Basescu regarding the construction of motorways and presented the projects of CNADNR during the 2013 – 2015. President Traian Basescu on Sunday criticised the fact that construction works for motorways have been stopped and “replaced with nothing.”
He added that since May 2012, when this government came to power, it signed no new contract, held no auction for new projects. Sova said that the president’s statements are electoral and, beyond politically-motivated contradiction, “figures are the most important.” “Until the end of 2015, CNADNR has planned to finalise the auctioning of works for everything that will be financed from the financial allotment 2014-2020, respectively EUR 3.5 bn – cohesion fund, EUR 1.6 bn – regional development fund,” Sova mentioned.
As for CFR Infrastructura company, it will pay all its debts to Electrica Furnizare by May 15, 2014, which will determine the entering of the company in a normal logic, of acquiring energy from the regulated market, Sova said, while the employees due to be laid off by CFR Marfa will receive between 18 and 24 compensatory salaries, depending on seniority.
Sova also announced that he removed from office the director general of the Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority, Flaviu Hotopan, for “incorrect auctions,” and will appoint a new director soon.

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