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Blog the Theatre Fest – hosted by Bulandra

The Graz Blog the Theatre Festival (21-23 May, 2008) laureates will be on the stage of the Bulandra Theatre November 13 through 16. On the initiative of the Bulandra Theatre and of the Board of the Union of European Theatres, the best European productions born of blog posts will be presented to the Bucharest public during four days, beginning on Friday. In 2007, the same Bulandra Theatre was becoming a part of an initiative of the Austrian Schauspielhaus Theatres of Graz: Blog the Theatre. The aim of the project was to look at hoe the Internet generation of the partner countries sensed and thought about the theatre and also investigate into common places, differences, claims and questions of the various communities of the new European area, by turning blog posts into plays. Apart from the initiators and the Bulandra Theatre, three other major European theatres soon accepted the challenge of making genuine drama out of blog texts: The Orkeny Istvan Theatre of Hungary, the Garibaldi Theatre of Palermo (Italy) and the Narodowy Stary Teatr of Krakow (Poland). The winning production at the Graz Festival was going to be taken over by the project initiator – the Schauspielhaus Theatre of Graz, transformed from a 30 minute short story into a ‘true’ play and included to its repertoire. The productions mounted by the Bulandra Theatre at Graz were ‘Re:Re:Re: Hamlet’ by Maria Manolescu, directed by Radu Apostol, ‘Buy Me with a Coffee’ by Peca Stefan, directed by Ana Margineanu and ‘Scent of a Woman’ by Marius Pescaru & Daniel Popa, directed by Daniel Popa, with the last one coming in the third place.

The Bulandra Theatre has answered the challenge launched by the Blog the Theatre project initiators with one of its most important programmes – Bulandra Underground. The festival will take place November 13 through 16, 2009 and will introduce the Graz Festival winners to its audience in Bucharest.

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