Industrial production prices up 0.1 pc in December

Industrial production prices in Romania advanced by 0.1 pc in December against the previous month, but diminished by 0.1 pc compared to December 2012, according to data released yesterday by the National Statistics Institute (INS). “Industrial production prices on the domestic market were at the same level as the previous month, while the prices of industrial production for the foreign markets increased by 0.2 pc. Compared to December 2012, industrial production prices were 0.1 pc smaller, 1.1 per cent points under the increase registered on the domestic market and 2.2 per cent points higher than the evolution on the foreign market,” INS informs in a communique.
Against November, industrial production prices went up in the industry of capital goods (0.3 pc), durables (0.3 pc) and consumer goods (0.2 pc). Prices went down in the industry of intermediary goods (0.1 pc).
Compared to the same month of the previous year, in December 2013 industrial production prices advanced in the categories of energy goods (3.2 pc), consumer goods (1.4 pc) and durables (1 pc). In the industry of intermediary goods, prices diminished by 3.1 pc and in the capital goods sector they went down 1.3 pc.
The same INS shows that the number of road vehicles newly registered in Romania reached 366,343 units in 2013, of which over 288,000 road vehicles for passenger transport, on the by 15.4 percent  from the same period in 2012, Agerpres informs. As many as 288,164 road vehicles for passenger transport were registered last year, whilst 78,179 units were road vehicles for the transport of goods (lorries, tractors, trailers/semi-trailers).
Also in the same period, the new registrations of road vehicles for goods transport recorded increases in all categories, namely lorries by 0.4 percent, tractors by 32.8 percent and trailers/semi-trailers by 12 percent. According to the information released by the Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Directorate /DRPCIV/, Romania’s national fleet reached some 5.98 million units in late 2013, by 4.73 percent higher than in the same period in 2012.

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