INS: Romanian unemployment rate hits 7.3 pc in January

The Romanian seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was put at 7.3 percent in January, keeping steady from December’s (revised) level and being up by 0.2 percentage points from January 2013, show the provisional figures released by the National Institute for Statistics (INS) on Friday. The Institute estimated there were 730,000 jobless aged between 15 and 74 years old in this Jan., down from 732,000 out-of-work in December and up on last January when there were 708,000 unemployed Romanians. Men’s unemployment rate is by 1.3 percent higher than women’s, namely 7.8 percent for men and 6.5 percent for women. As for the adults (aged 25 – 74), the joblessness rate was put at 5.8 percent in this January; it was 6.4 percent for men and 5.1 percent for women. The out-of-work Romanians in this age bracket (25 – 74 years old) account for 73.6 percent of the country’s overall unemployed estimated for the first month of 2014. The Institute figures relate the unemployment rate calculated according to the international definition of the International Labour Office (ILO).
Moderate growth in manufacturing, constructions, trade, services in February – April
The same INS document reveals the managers expect moderate growth in the manufacturing, constructions, trade, and services in the February – April 2014 period, compared to the three previous months, according to the balance indicator. In the business tendency survey conducted in February 2014, managers in the manufacturing industry expect a moderate growth of the production volume over the next three months (balance +12 percent). For some operations, a growth trend is expected regarding the estimated production; the concerned sectors are the manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products (balance +39 percent), the pulp, paper and paper products (balance +35 percent), and manufacturing of beverages (balance +35 percent). For the prices of industrial products, relative stability is forecast for the next three months (balance + 5 percent). Regarding the number of employees, relative stability is forecast, the balance being 0 percent per total manufacturing.
According to February 2014 estimations, the construction activity will see, for the next three months, a moderate growth of the production volume (balance +11 percent) and of the stock of contracts and orders (balance +7 percent). Managers estimate relative stability in the number of employees (balance -1 percent).
Regarding the prices of construction works, moderate growth is forecast (balance +6 percent). In the retail sector, managers estimated for the next three months a moderate growth trend of economic activity (balance +13 percent). The volume of vendors’ orders to the suppliers of goods will also grow moderately (balance +11 percent). Employers forecast for the next three months a relative stability in the number of employees (balance 0 percent). Managers of trade companies also estimate that retail prices will grow in the next period (balance +26 percent).

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