INS: Unemployment rate, 7.2 pc in Q1 2014


The unemployment rate in Romania stood at 7.2 percent in Q1 2014 and the employment rate of the working-age population (aged 15 to 64) was 59.5 percent, according to the data released on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). By gender, the spread between the two rates of unemployment was 2 percentage points (8.1 percent for men versus 6.1 percent for women), and by residential areas, 2.4 percentage points (8.3 percent for urban areas, versus 5.9 percent in rural areas). The unemployment rate reached its highest level (25.7 percent) among youths (aged 15 to 24). In Q1 2014, Romania’s active population was 9.058 million people, of whom 8.402 million people were employed and 656,000 were unemployed.