Interception in Vlasov case: “Do you have the money? The driver is going with you!”

Suspended president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) Mihail Vlasov was intercepted by Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) prosecutors while he was soliciting bribe in amount of EUR 200,000 from a businessman and he is the one who sent his driver to pick up the money from the car of the accuser. Details on this case are included in the motivation of the court that ruled the preventive arrest of Mihail Vlasov last week.
According to evidence collected by prosecutors, Mihail Vlasov was accused by businessman Petroczki Gheza Iosif to the DNA, the businessman being one of the major players in the printing industry in Romania. The investigators claim the accuser was requested an amount of money by Vlasov if the former wants to win a lawsuit in an arbitration file. More precisely, Vlasov asked for a million euros from the businessman to win the lawsuit. On March 18th, 2014 at around 8 pm, Vlasov met Petroczki Gheza Iosif within the English restaurant at Hilton Hotel. After a short talk between Vlasov and Petroczki Gheza Iosif, who were seated at nearby tables, Vlasov’s driver accompanied the businessman to his car, where he received a red bag with EUR 200,000 which he later carried to Vlasov’s car, moment when the prosecutors intervened. “Vlasov Mihail: Do you have the money on you? Petroczki Gheza Iosif: Yes, I have it in the car, outside. Vlasov Mihail: In the car, right? The driver is going with you. Let’s leave now. … Vlasov Mihail: We’ll meet again next time. We won’t talk on the phone, don’t call not even with…(indistinguishable)… never, ok? Petroczki Gheza Iosif: Ok,” these are several conversations intercepted by prosecutors. CCIR president told the businessman that when “the verdict comes” in the arbitration file, “what must happen, will happen.”

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