IntMin Oprea: A person dead, three missing in floods

Red Code alert of floods extended for 7 counties till Friday afternoon.

A person was killed by floods in the southern Arges county and another three reported missing are being searched by the Internal Affairs Ministry personnel, Minister Gabriel Oprea announced on Wednesday. ‘2,200 ministry personnel – firemen, gendarmes and policemen – have been called to act in 63 communities hit by the floods. A number of 1,100 homes have been submerged and 400 persons rescued’, Oprea said, quoted by Agerpres. He added that at Vaideeni, Valcea county (north-west of the capital) as many as 220 persons were rescued. Three helicopters rescued 60 persons, with those reported missing being still searched. The minister stressed that ten helicopters of the Aviation Inspectorate General responsible to the ministry are ready to take action, six of which are emergency-and-resuscitation type helicopters; search for ten persons in the mountainous resort of Ranca (Gorj county) is also under way, he added.
Vice-PM added that he talked to Minister of Defense Mircea Dusa who said the Army are prepared to aid and rescue the flood victims. In Arges County, a 72-year-old man lost his life on Tuesday afternoon after being taken by the flood in Vedea village. Another man in Arges was declared missing after being taken by the flood on Merisani river in the above-mentioned village. The representatives of Arges Prefecture announced that the man was found out on Tuesday night after a search of several hours.
In Valcea County, a 38-year-old man in Stoenesti village is gone missing following the flood, according to Valcea Police officials, who said that the chances of him being alive are slim.
Firefighters intervened on Tuesday evening for the evacuation of 20 people from the dwellings flooded in the village of Colonesti, Olt County (south), according to spokesman for the Olt Emergencies Inspectorate, Dan Nedeloiu. During the day, homes and households in several communities in the county were flooded, with firefighters having intervened throughout the day to evacuate some people, to remove water from flooded dwellings and to rescue people from the flashflood. Rescued by boat were also four people who took refuge on an island in Teius, as well as a man from the village of Barasti. Two teams with the Gorj Mountain Rescue Department intervened, also on Tuesday evening, to evacuate 14 people from Setea Mica area in Ranca and a person from Gilortului Valley, Gorj County (south-west), subprefect Sorin Arjoca told. Over 200 households, well as 262 wells were affected by floods in the villages of Silistea-Gumesti and Tatarastii de Jos in Teleorman County (south). Military staff with the Panait Donici Military Unit from Ramnicu Valcea (south), intervened on Tuesday evening in the village of Vaideeni to support the flood-hit victims, Valcea County’s Prefect Dumitru Cornoiu told. On Tuesday morning, the Luncavat River produced a flood wave and flooded the hamlet of Atarnati, isolating 700 people. As many as 150 houses were completely destroyed and another 400 flooded.
Ponta: We’ll assign necessary money to urgent flood defence expenditure
Prime Minister Victor Ponta said during a visit to Polovragi, the southern Valcea county on Wednesday that the Government, at its sitting on Thursday will assign the necessary amounts of money to the flood defence works in the counties of Valcea, Gorj and Olt (southern Romania). The prime minister announced he had talked to Valcea County Council chairman Ion Cilea, who communicated him that the situation is under control in the rural town of Vaideeni, seriously hit by the floods, with Ponta announcing he would go directly to Bucharest for an analysis of the flood situation in the three counties. ‘At the Government sitting tomorrow (Thursday – editor’s note) we’ll assign the money for the urgent operating expenditure, as I’ve already said that all that is necessary should be committed, they should bring equipment, diesel fuel, the necessary people. The important thing is that there is no human life in danger at this moment and the (local authorities) have started repairing where there is urgent need of it,’ he underscored. The prime minister and Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea attended the meeting of the Task Force for emergencies earlier in the day at Novaci, Gorj county. Ponta had been staying in Gorj county overnight and he visited the flood-stricken areas after the Task Force meeting.
A day before, Ponta told in a meeting at the Emergency Command at the Dolj Prefecture House, that all the available forces must be mobilised in the flood-stricken areas, and he also urged people to avoid panicking. He also said that nobody was in danger and the evacuation was a preventive measure. In his turn, State Secretary Raed Arafat mentioned that 400 people had been evacuated from Gorj County. He added that people having been isolated by floods at Vaideeeni, Valcea County, were being evacuated.

Another Red Code alert
The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) on Wednesday extended a Red Code alert of floods for rivers of seven counties till Friday afternoon. According to the INHGA, during the interval July 30, 14:00 hrs. – August 1st, 14:00 hrs., in the south counties of Olt, Teleorman and Arges significant river flows will occur on slopes, torrents and creeks, fast flash floods on the small rivers with possible outcome of local floods and debit increase of waters and levels on some rivers with passing the danger levels. Similar phenomena falling in the Red Code alert are forecast starting with July 31, 6:00 a.m., on rivers in the southern county of Valcea, and in some small basins of the Caras-Severin, Mehedinti (southwest) and Dolj (south) counties. Likewise an Orange Code of floods will be starting on Wednesday, 14:00 hrs. till Friday, 14:00 hrs., on some rivers of the southern counties of Dolj, Valcea, Gorj, Olt, Teleorman, Arges and Giurgiu.

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