January brings freezing temperatures, snowfalls

The National Meteorology Agency (ANM) issued a 3-month weather forecast for December 2013 – February 2014. According to experts, January will be the coldest month of the year, with most precipitations falling as snowfalls and sleet being expected in this period. This December temperatures will reach normal values in western, southern and south-eastern areas, whereas lower-than-average values are expected in northern, north-eastern and central regions. The monthly amounts of precipitations will exceed the average values of the month in central and south-eastern Romania. In January, temperatures will generally stay within multi-annual average limits, but could be slightly higher locally, in the south and south-east. The monthly quantities of precipitations will be above average in western and central areas. In February, too, temperatures will stay near the average of this month, in most regions of the country. The monthly amounts of precipitations might be above average locally, in the west and north-west of the country.

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