Johannis: Ponta will regret having PNL as PSD’s major political opponent

The liberals warn PM Victor Ponta they will be strong opponents against PSD. Prime vice-chairman PNL Klaus Johannis said on Thursday that PNL is the major political opponent of PSD and Victor Ponta “will regret” this. Johannis replied to Ponta’s statement who said he regrets “PNL chairman Crin Antonescu’s belief that the battle is not fought against Traian Basescu anymore, but against PSD.” “Yes, PNL is the major political opponent of PSD in this period. I believe he regrets this. It is not a good thing in the Romanian political stage to have an opponent as PNL,” answered Johannis. “We are however a very strong party, with a large share, with many MPs, with council chairpersons in counties, mayors. Therefore I believe he regrets and will keep regretting,” added Johannis.
Inquired also why he believes Victor Ponta intends to claim PNL will come back to USL after the European parliamentary elections, Johannis said: “A counsellor that suggested him various scenarios.” Inquired whether he believes Victor Ponta really believes PNL will come back to USL, Johannis laughed, but did not reply. PSD leader Victor Ponta said on a social network that he regrets the belief of PNL leader Crin Antonescu that the battle is not fought anymore against Traian Basescu but against PSD “with a temptation of state-party” and said he still relies on all PNL leaders and voters who do not forget who is the enemy of Romania. He commented after PNL leader Crin Antonescu said on Monday night at Realitatea TV channel that, as of that moment, the political enemy of liberals is PSD, without his aversion against PSD turning into sympathy towards President Traian Basescu.
Johannis also attacked the exit of actor Mircea Diaconu from the party as he was withdrawn out of the lists for European parliamentary elections. “I can see this turns into a habit: I want on the list, I am upset, I leave PNL,” said Johannis, adding “enough said” and claiming PNL “is a strong party,” despite “the artists coming and going.” PNL leaders decided to withdraw Diaconu, former minister of Culture, from the MEPs list, following his lawsuit where he was accused of conflict of interest. Although he was acquitted in the lawsuit, the National Integrity Agency said Diaconu is forbidden however, to hold public positions.
Johannis is not under investigation in file regarding conflict
of interests
As for Klaus Johannis, ANI accused him of conflict of interest because in 2010 Johannis, as mayor of Sibiu, signed a contract with the Germans’ Democratic Forum printing house, whose president was also Johannis. Sibiu mayor attacked ANI report, but the Court of Appeal Alba Iulia ruled on Wednesday to suspend the lawsuit because the prosecutor’s office of the High Court of Justice and Cassation are running an investigation for the same deeds. Moreover, legal sources quoted by Mediafax say that Johannis is not under criminal investigation in this file, the quoted sources saying that “the investigation has started for the deed, not against the person.”

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