Justice Minister wants World Bank to finance regional archive centres at courts of appeals


Justice Minister Tudorel Toader met World Bank representatives on Tuesday, proposing that the World Bank should finance regional archive centres that would be established at the level of each court of appeals, as part of a project seeking to improve judicial services, a project that started last summer and that has a budget of EUR 65 million.

According to a communique issued by the Justice Ministry, Tudorel Toader met Roby Senderowitsch, World Brank practice manager, their talks centring on the stage of the implementation of the Improving Judicial Services project. According to the loan agreement, the project aims to improve the functioning of the courts and institutions that operate under the authority of the Justice Ministry, the improvement of the activity of the National Trade Registry office and of the prosecutor’s offices.

The Justice Minister proposed the possibility of financing, through this project, some regional archive centres established at the level of each court of appeals.

The project started on August 3, is set to last a period of six years, and has a budget of EUR 65 million.