K-pop band Lunafly to play in Bucharest, July 26

The event is to take place at the Summer Theater in Herastrau and promises to be a hell of a show.

Good news for Romanian K-pop fans! Almost three months after the first South Korean band performed in Romania (editor’s note – Led Apple), another group of handsome and talented boys from the Land of Peaceful Mornings has announced an upcoming concert in our country. We are talking about Lunafly, another en vogue K-Pop band will be performing for the first time their songs in an explosive concert in Bucharest. The concert, which promises to be the hottest show of the summer, will take place on July 26, at Herastrau Summer Theatre, according to a press release by Kompas Events, the organizer of this event.
All men trio, Sam, Teo and Yun attracted attention the k-pop fans and also the music producers in the entire world, thanks to the way the band combines the k-pop sound with elements of classic pop and acoustic touch. Lunafly officially debuted on the 27th of September 2012 with their self-composed mini-album “Super Hero”. Also, on December the band had the first major achievements in their music career: the first show in Japan which ended in cheers and launch in a very short time of two singles and music videos:  “Clear Day, Cloudy Day” and “Day By Day “.  The three boys charismatic, creative and full of talent display an image that sets them apart from the rest of K-pop groups and helped them to earn a loyal and dedicated audience. In the honor of the fans, the trio founded the official fan club “Lukies”, on March 2013. Currently Lunafly is promoting the album “Fly To Love”, launched on March 2013. Tickets was put on sale starting 0:00 a.m. on Tuesday night May 13 to Wednesday, May 14, thus respecting the desire of fans to be notified two days before they can purchase concert tickets.

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