Klaus Johannis is PNL candidate for presidential elections


The liberals decided to nominate Klaus Johannis as PNL candidate for the presidential elections following the vote within PNL standing delegation. Johannis got 111 votes and Crin Antonescu only 55 as five votes were void.
PNL chairman Klaus Johannis was elected on Monday by PNL standing delegation as the candidate from the party for the presidential elections in November.
Johannis got a double number of votes compared to Antonescu, from the members of the standing delegation. The Standing Delegation of the National Liberal Party gathered on Monday to decide on the candidate of the party to the presidential elections. “I believe that I have introduced myself over the five years during which I led the party. Today my introduction will not be long,” said Antonescu prior to the meeting.  Inquired whether he gives up to run for presidential elections considering the results of the poll, Antonescu said: “It is not a survey I am responsible for, neither one that I contest.”
Antonescu: Everybody is content, me too
The ex-president of PNL Crin Antonescu said Monday, after the Permanent Delegation designated the acting leader of the party, Klaus Johannis as candidate of the party in the presidential elections, that everybody is content, including himself and the voting procedure was correct. “Everybody is content: Mr. Johannis for being designated, the party for designating him, I because what I asked – the nomination to be made by clear, correct, civilized, elegant voting – has been done. For the rest, we will see what will happen,” Antonescu mentioned.
Liberals’ sociological analysis
Klaus Johannis definitely beat Crin Antonescu in the Liberals’ presidential race polls, but did not manage to take the presidency away from Victor Ponta. In a presidential run-off confrontation with the head of Gov’t, the PNL chairman would receive 43 percent of Romanians’ votes, compared with 49 percent of votes which would go to the Prime Minister, according to the IRSOP poll commissioned by PNL and carried out between July 10 and 17. In such a scenario, 7 percent of respondents claim they would vote for neither candidate, whereas 1 percent of respondents say they do not know whom they would choose.