Kovesi: DNA is eyeing corruption in judicial system

Combating corruption in the judicial system is a priority for the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), the institution’s head Laura Codruta Kovesi told B1TV late on Sunday, adding that the role of the Judicial Inspection (IJ) should be more active.
‘We are eyeing the corruption in the judicial system because it is extremely important. We even had a case inside of the DNA and colleagues were not shy to investigate that case. (…) We have been witnessing lately an increase in bribery in such cases. (…) I think that the role of the IJ should be more active. (…) There were many notifications over time at the IJ which were closed or which did not receive enough attention,’ said the DNA head.
She added she could not say a percentage of corrupt magistrates in the system. ‘I think the vast majority of magistrates are correct, are honest, and do their job well. However, there is a rate of 1-2% of them who are investigated by us and sent to court and convicted (…),’ said the chief anticorruption prosecutor. About a possible corruption among the magistrates in certain cases that are in courts a long time, Kovesi admitted that there are such cases and that many of them are cases of the DNA, prosecuted in previous years, which they monitor, one of the oldest being some eight years. Kovesi said that a judge who benefits from limitation in such a file should at least answer disciplinarily, the same as in the case of prosecutors in such situations.
The whole Parliament blocked arresting of some officials
The head of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi says that there has been a shared will of the Parliament to block some arrests. ‘It is not unusual to note in the Parliament, where political decisions are made, when some laws are changed or when we ask for approval to arrest members of the Parliament, irrespective of their parties, that each time we face some resistance to DNA’s activity. It is a well-known fact that all the approvals of arrests pending trials we requested have been rejected lately, although the concerned individuals belonged to different parties. So the number of MPs of a given party was not necessarily an issue; it has been merely a shared will of blocking these preventive steps,’ Kovesi stated.  She mentioned that such a procedural step should not exist, and it should be eliminated.  She underlined that there are sufficient guarantees to prevent possible abuses by prosecutors, by the mere checking of their requests by judges. However, Kovesi says that she won’t be intimidated by any politicians’ declaration, and she does merely wish to do her job, not to be ‘loved or praised’ by politicians.

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