Large PDL rally in Cluj against Ponta Gov’t

“PDL has started in Cluj the battle to change Romania. The goal is winning the 2016 elections,” Vasile Blaga stated.

Approximately 25,000 people (the figure came from the organizers but was not confirmed by the Gendarmerie – editor’s note), members and sympathizers of PDL, took part in a protest against the current government on Saturday in Cluj-Napoca. PDL President Vasile Blaga, MEP Theodor Stolojan, PDL First Vice President Catalin Predoiu, Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca, Gheorge Flutur, Andreea Paul and Monica Macovei were among the participants. The protesters gathered in the Lucian Blaga square in Cluj-Napoca, carrying banners reading: “PSD – taxes and lies,” “Pontax Government,” “PSD, the most deceitful government,” “You don’t know how to govern, you’d better leave,” “Down with USL, mafia government.”
Vasile Blaga stated that the party has started in Cluj “the battle to change Romania,” the goal being winning the parliamentary elections of 2016, after winning the EP and presidential elections this year. “PSD has been our opponent for 23 years, a party that has fallen back on the evolutionary scale. You don’t trust Ponta, but you don’t trust Antonescu either, PNL is in power within local administrations and they should admit that. The European Parliament elections are ahead and we are the strongest right-wing party and we have the strongest list of candidates. We have Catalin Predoiu too, who will win the Romanian Presidency,” the PDL President stated, being quoted by Mediafax. He called on PDL members to steer clear of the former party members that defected to other parties.
The great absent from this rally was Cluj Mayor Emil Boc (member of PDL – editor’s note). Boc and President Traian Basescu attended a Popular Movement Foundation debate in Bucharest on Saturday. Asked for a comment on Boc’s absence, Blaga said that it was Boc’s decision and he “is not making a big case out of this”.The Cluj Mayor was in his turn asked whether his PDL colleagues will be angry that he did not attend the rally in Cluj. Boc answered: “Why? I authorized the rally.”
On the other hand, President Basescu stated that the PDL rally in Cluj is “welcome,” adding that any protest against the introduction of extra taxes on fuel is also welcome.

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