Laszlo Tokes rekindles the Hungarian issue

President Basescu asks for Jobbik party to be banned on Romania’s territory.

Against the backdrop of an event titled “The Day of Szekler Freedom” and organized by the National Szekler Council in Targu Mures early this week, an event attended by 4,000 persons, MEP Laszlo Tokes reopened the issue of the Hungarian minority in Romania within the European Parliament plenum.
“The Szeklers from the Szekler Land are, just like the Tartars from the Crimean Peninsula, about to become a minority on their own territory,” Tokes said, asking the European Parliament and the other European institutions to help the Szeklers obtain territorial autonomy.
On Monday evening approximately 4,000 persons took part in the commemorations of the Szeklers killed in 1854, an event organized in Targu Mures. On that occasion the CNS asked for the Szekler Land’s autonomy but also for the start of a dialogue with the new government over the status of the region. The people attending the event listened to speeches for approximately three and a half hours, in front of the Szeklers Martyrs’ Monument, after which the CNS President asked the protesters to use the sidewalks in order to go to the center of the city. The participants started their march shouting “Hungary,” “death to Trianon,” and “autonomy.” During the march several persons wearing t-shirts with the signs of the HVIM organization scuffled with the gendarmes and threw petards. “At the Szekler Martyrs’ Monument as well as throughout the march towards the city center (…) there were anti-state, anti-Romanian, segregationist, chauvinistic actions; offensive slogans were shouted against Romanians, the Romanian state, the Romanian authorities in Bucharest and Targu Mures,” Mures County Prefect Corneliu Grosu stated after the event.
It has to be pointed out that Laszlo Tokes, considered the initiator of the 1989 revolution that started in Timisoara, is close to the Hungarian Popular Party in Transylvania, a party whose policy is less tolerant than that of the Democratic Union of Magyars (UDMR) which is currently part of the ruling coalition.
Invoking the presence of the representatives of Hungary’s Jobbik party at the protest in Targu Mures, Romanian President Traian Basescu explicitly asked the government and parliament to ban the presence of this party in Romania.
“I noticed yesterday the high-level presence in Romania of the Hungarian extremist party Jobbik. I believe the time has come for us to put an end to the actions of this party on Romania’s soil. I am publicly asking the Government and Parliament to issue a legislative document to ban the presence in Romania of the members and leaders of the Jobbik party. This is an extremist party that has no shared responsibility. A rise in the weight of extremist parties is being noticed. If Hungary is unable to place them under control, at least they should not be allowed on Romania’s soil,” Basescu said.
He added that he will have a conversation on this issue at the next meeting of Romania’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT).
Commenting on the President’s statement, UDMR Senator Gyorgy Frunda stated that the banning of Jobbik members in Romania “is not feasible,” claiming that the only solution is to isolate them politically. “These people, the members of Jobbik, a far-right party that causes us, the Hungarian community in Romania, a great deal of harm by coming to Transylvania, through the campaign they are waging in Transylvania for the parliamentary elections in Hungary, scheduled on April 6; I don’t see how you can ban them from freely traveling in the European Union. You can ban them from organizing events, you can refuse to issue permits for events, but I don’t see any possibility of banning them from freely traveling through Romania,” Frunda stated on RFI.
Asked for his reaction to the situation created by Tokes, PNL President Crin Antonescu stated for “I believe it’s a very good question you should ask President Basescu, former PDL President Emil Boc, Mr. Stolojan, Mr. Marian Jean Marinescu, Mrs. Macovei, all those that endorsed the political family’s support for and even promotion of Mr. Tokes.”
Ponta: We can ban Jobbik leader’s presence in Romania
“We cannot, and I believe everybody knows this, forbid the entry in Romania of European citizens belonging to a political party for the simple reason that we cannot ask for their party membership card when they enter the country. But we can forbid entry on Romanian territory for one person and I’ve sent the document drafted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the activity of Jobbik chairman Vona Gabor and the President, if he is no longer a supporter of Mr. Tokes and Mr. Vona Gabor, if he re-evaluated them and considers them a threat to Romania, I’m sure he will act on the basis of the Government’s notification,” said Ponta at the beginning of the cabinet meeting, according to Agerpres.

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