Laura Dahlmeier&Florian Graf won World Team Challenge at Veltins Arena

Leaders were changing in each round in first phase. From Henkel/Birnbacher giving a pleasure to German fans we have switched to Gregorin/Fak from Slovenia and after 7th round we swift to Wierer/Hofer. Finally Emil Hegle Svendsen with perfect last shooting took advantage of other’s mistakes and won easily the 1st phase! Behind him have finished Laura Dahlmeier/ Florian Graf team and 3rd have finished Jakov Fak/ Teja Gregorin.

In pursuit’s part we had even more excitement. Norwegian of Svendsen/Horn have started excellently but in 3rd lap Horn made 2 mistakes and gave lead to perfect Slovenians of Gregorin/Fak. Dahlmeier/Graf passed over Norwegians also and finally Pidhrushna/Deryzemlya have approached due to their perfect shooting.

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