Le Foll: Paris wants to make the Roma return to Romania and Bulgaria

French government spokesperson and Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll has asked yesterday for observing of “rules and principles” over an internal note concerning the census and evacuation of the Roma, a note revealed by ‘Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France,’ the daily informs on its webpage. The internal note belongs to the police commissariat of the French capital’s 4th district, and recommends the “systematic evacuation” of Roma families, generating a new wave of criticism. Asked whether the goal is to evacuate the Roma from Paris, the government spokesperson answered that “the goal is to avoid having people that, because of their difficult situation and poverty, end up annoying everyone in the capital and to no longer accept this presence.” Le Foll rejected the use of the term “invasion” in what concerns the Roma, however he pointed out that it is necessary “to seek to determine them to return where they came from, to Romania and Bulgaria,” in the name of “a policy that has to maintain its human dimension.”

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