LeasePlan Romania targets 10 pc turnover increase this year

LeasePlan Romania estimates it will manage this year a portfolio of 10,000 road vehicles, almost 10 pc above the level of last year, when it exceeded the target of 8,400 cars and reached 9,100 units, up 20 pc from 2012, the CEO of the company, Bogdan Apahidean announced in a press conference.
The company posted last year a turnover of EUR 41 M, about 3.5 pc more than in 2012, while the portfolio advanced by 8 pc, exceeding EUR 77 M. For this year, LeasePlan targets a turnover increase of 10 pc, to EUR 45 M. “If by September last year we registered a stagnation compared to 2012, during the last quarter we were to grow, attracting two big customers from the energy sector and FMGC, with 600-700 cars each. In total, last year we had 44 new customers and purchased over 2,300 vehicles,” Apahidean added.
LeasePlan invested EUR 28 M in the vehicles it purchased and for this year it plans to buy 3,000 more units, with an investment exceeding EUR 35 M, all the funds provided by the mother company, LeasePlan Netherland, Mediafax reports. Part of these vehicles will be destined to new customers, while others will replace the cars whose contracts reach maturity – approximately 2,000 units.
Referring to the operational leasing market, Apahidean estimates a modest increase of up to 5 pc, following a year 2013 in which it held steady, according to his appreciations, at a level of 41,500-42,000 units, with contracts exceeding a total value of EUR 200 M.

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