Led Apple in Bucharest, dream come true for K-pop fans

The stage at Turbohalle was on fire Saturday night as Led Apple  performed as part of an event organized by Kompas Events. Dancing and singing for two hours straight to the tunes of one of the most beloved and popular indie pop-rock group in South Korea, Romanian K-pop fans could say their dream came true. The remarkably talented, energetic, and charismatic Youngjun (guitarist, leader), Hanbyul (vocalist), Hyoseok (percussion), Kwangyeon (bass player), and Kyumin (vocalist, rapper) turned the heat on with their music.
Two all-girl local street-dance groups opened the show – DSK (Dope Style Kings), winner of last summer’s Fan Meeting and participants in the finals of K-Pop World Festival (Changwon) international contest, and CMZ.
Led Apple came on stage at 9.00 p.m. as Youngjun and Kwangyeon sang the National Romanian Anthem. Famous songs like ’Let the wind blow,’ ‘Left alone,’ ‘Time is Up,’ ‘Treasure,’ ‘Kiss You,’ ‘Betrayal,’ ‘I First Love You,’ and ‘Bad Boys’ are only some of the tracks the lovable redheads charmed audiences with. The band rose to meet their fans’ expectations throughout the entire show, using their personal charm and enticing body movements to make girl fans chant their names time and time again. As though this were not enough, the musicians complimented Romanian girls for their incredible beauty and even confessed they have kept in touch with a likewise beautiful Romanian girl who apparently broke Hanbyul’s heart. Him shouting “I love you” and “Te iubesc” in his Korean accent only added fuel to the fiery atmosphere at Turbohalle.
Surrounded by fluorescent lights and heart signs made by fans as they listened to the electrifying guitar and bass chords, Led Apple proved they fully deserve their popularity. The two hours of the concert went by in a flash. It did not come as a surprise, given the fame of the guys from Led Apple and their shouting “Hello Leda Romania! We are so excited to get on that stage! It’s going to be a great show!” as soon as they came on.
The audience was also exceptional and welcomed the band as they were supposed to – with a lot of warmth and enthusiasm, chanting their names for minutes on end and applauding frantically. Armed with banners of the band’s name and messages like I Love You, waiving the Romanian flag or swaying fluorescent sticks, Led Apple fans tried to match their idols’ performance. Groups of Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Polish fans accompanied Romanian audiences (editor’s note – LEDA’s, as Romanian Led Apple fans are called) and wishing to take advantage of this premiere event for Eastern Europe (after the Netherlands), they came to Bucharest to see their idols play live. The guys returned for an encore to the applause of tear-eyed fans, whom they thanked for the warmth and love shown. Led Apple promised this would not be the band’s last show in Romania. K-pop fans hope the band will be true to their word and the concert from February 15 will have led the way for other South Korean bands to come to Europe and Romania.

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