Les Elephants Bizarres to open Iyeoka’s Bucharest concert

The band Les Elephants Bizarres will be opening for neo soul & funk jazz American singer Iyeoka at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest on April 12. Event organizers suggested various artists for this spot, but Iyeoka and her management agency chose Les Elephants Bizarres for “the stylistic diversity and multicultural influences reflected in the band’s sound.” Iyeoka will be performing both the songs that have gained her international recognition – ‘Simply Falling,’ ‘Say Yes,’ or ‘Revolution’ – and new tracks, possibly included on her upcoming record.
An artist with a strong personality and talent to match, Iyeoka’s life is Hollywood material. Born and raised in America by Nigerian parents, she never forgot where here roots are and has always been concerned with the living conditions in the African country which he has visited many times. Deeply touched by the social and economic issues facing Nigeria, Iyeoka used her inner strength to help the people in her parents’ native country by doing charity work, but most importantly, by writing empowering poems that subsequently turned into songs listened to by tens of thousands of music lovers. Iyeoka had initially worked as a practicing pharmacist, but her life got turned around when the airplane she was on was hit by lightning and crashed. Having escaped unharmed, she realized how precious each moment is, and from then on, promised herself she would only do the things she feels or believes are important. Since then, she has dedicated her life to music and poetry. This marked the birth of Iyeoka the singer, an artist with a message and an incredible inner strength that stems both from the African tradition and modern American civilization. In Esan, her native dialect, Iyeoka means ‘I want to her to be respected.’
The Bucharest concert will be followed by another performance at the Doors Club in Constanta, April 13. Ticket prices for the concert in Bucharest range between RON 80 (including a table seat), RON 60 (purchased prior to the event, no table seat), RON 90 on the day of the event, and RON 70 at the entrance. Tickets without a seat can also be purchased at www.iabilet.ro, www.eventim.ro, www.myticket.ro, and www.bilete.ro, or at Diverta stores around the country, the Muzica store, Sala Palatului, the Mihai Eminescu bookstore, Orange, Vodafone, Germanos, and Domo stores, Humanitas and Carturesti bookstores, InMedio shops, Romanian Post offices, and all Uman stores around the country. Tickets that include a table seat (300 available seats) can only be purchased at www.iabilet.ro. The concert is brought to you by BestMusic Live Concerts and Gala.

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