LMS Romania, the new Siemens Industry Software


Siemens Romania expands its local presence in the field of industrial software by becoming the sole shareholder of LMS Romania, the local company of LMS International, acquired by Siemens AG at global level at the end of 2012, a press release informs. The new company, named Siemens Industry Software SRL, has its premises in Brasov and is fully owned by Siemens Romania (Siemens SRL) as of yesterday. “Siemens Industry Software strengthens Siemens’ position on the local IT market, where we already employ over 200 people. Our R&D centers in Brasov offer engineering and IT services for clients around the world, in various fields such as industry, healthcare or energy. We plan to continue to invest and grow in Brasov – a city we consider one of the most important technology hubs in Romania – as well as in other cities in the country”, said George Costache, Siemens Romania CEO. Siemens Industry Software SRL offers software, hardware and engineering services for simulating and testing mechatronics systems, used by companies in the automotive, air or energy businesses. Among its clients are companies like: Renault, Daimler and Airbus. “In Brasov over 80 engineers, specialized in software, hardware and mechatronics, work with teams from Belgium, Germany, France, USA and the Netherlands to develop Siemens PLM products and services.  Our solutions already answer the future complex challenges that car, airplane or industrial equipments manufacturers will be faced with, in order to widely integrate intelligent systems,” explains Cristi Irimia, General Manager of Siemens Industry Software SRL. One of the most well-known projects of the Siemens Industry Software team is the contribution to the development of the Siemens software used in building NASA’s Curiosity rover.