Ludovic Orban says if elected in the PNL leadership, he will turn the party into a formation with initiative


Liberal Ludovic Orban, candidate for the leadership of the National Liberal Party (PNL), says if he will be elected as the President of the party, he will turn PNL into a party with initiative, which will not wait for other political competitors to impose debate topics.

Ludovic Orban stated on Saturday, at a press conference held at Iasi, that if he will be elected to be the PNL President at the Congress of June 17, he will change the leading style, making “a present party”, with decisions taken democratically.

“I will change the leading style and I’ll increase the pace of activity. It will be very different from what it was until now. I will change the communicators and there will be clear opinions related to all the topics on the agenda. I wish to create a party with initiative, which will create topics, not a reactive party. PNL doesn’t have to wait for other competitors to have the initiative. After the Congress, PNL will have what it needs” Ludovic Orban stated.

He stated he will go twice in every county until the Congress will be held.

“After the first round of visits in the counties, I will also finalize the strategy I propose to the party. It is a draft for the moment, then it will be presented to the branches when I’ll make the second visit in the counties” Orban stated.

Liberal Ludovic Orban participated on Saturday to a meeting with the members in the leadership of PNL Iasi, to which several dozens of people also participated.

PNL MP Marius Bodea, who was present at the same press conference, admitted that the discussions were animated and that “the dissatisfactions from inside the branch have also been revealed” at the meeting.


“If I continue to see the current Minister Tudorel Toader too many times, I’ll start missing Iordache, the one with “other question, please”


Orban also stated on Saturday at Iasi that if he continues to see too many times the current Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, he will start missing Florin Iordache, “the one with other question, please”, saying that Toader is part “of the same plane of the red zone”, wishing to make prosecutors to be silent.

Ludovic Orban stated n Saturday at Iasi, in a press conference, that “the story” of the Government’s Emergency Ordinance (GEO) 13 wasn’t an accident, and that PSD wants to make prosecutors to be silent.

“What happened to the GEO 13 wasn’t an accident, PSD’s attempt to make prosecutors to be silent is obvious. Now we see they want to change procedures for appointing the Heads of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), as well as the Attorney General, so that everything will be decided by the Justice Minister’s pen. If I continue to see the current Minister Tudorel Toader too many times, I’ll start missing Florin Iordache, the one with other question, please” Ludivic Orban stated.

He criticized the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader for starting the assessment of the Attorney General and of the Head of DNA without having at least a report assessing their activity.

“It’s obvious that it’s the same plan of the red zone”, Orban stated.