‘Madrigal-Marin Constantin’ National Chamber Choir concert: Romanian cultural premiere in Jerusalem


On June 5-8, the ‘Madrigal-Marin Constantin’ National Chamber Choir, directed by Anna Ungureanu, took part in the Festival of Arts in Jerusalem. The event was a premiere in the 54-year history of the Choir and sought to explore universal cultural values and promote the European cultural identity.

The concert given by the Madrigal Choir took place on June 7, at the Archaeology Gallery of the National Museum of Israel, the biggest cultural institution in Israel and one of the most important museums of art and archaeology in the world. The hall in which the concert took place is the space in which the three greatest religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – meet, a synagogue, a church and a mosque being among the exhibits.

In the applauses of art museum directors from all over the world, of religious personalities and of Israeli businessmen, the Choir presented a musical programme featuring songs sung in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Italian and Romanian. Among them, “Yerushalaym Shel Zahav” received standing ovations.

“For Madrigal, Jerusalem 2017 is a historic moment, unprecedented in the choir’s 54 years of existence. For Romania, the Madrigal Choir’s tour in Jerusalem represents a new bridge between world cultures, a gesture of high-class representation, natural for an incontestable cultural ambassador. The audience’s watery-eye reactions are another confirmation of the fact that through our music, impeccably interpreted in the Holy Land, we have the opportunity to change for the better the way Romania is perceived at global level,” Emil Pantelimon, manager of the ‘Madrigal-Main Constantin’ National Chamber Choir, stated.

The ‘Madrigal-Marin Constantin’ National Chamber Choir is an emblem of Romanian and universal musical life. Since it was established by conductor Marin Constantin (1925-2011) in 1963, the Madrigal Choir has given over 4,100 concerts applauded by music lovers from all over the world, standing out as a veritable “country brand.” It is the global benchmark of chamber choir music, its repertoire focusing on European renaissance, byzantine music and contemporary Romanian and universal works. In November 2016, the ‘Madrigal-Marin Constantin’ National Chamber Choir was officially recognised as Ambassador of Freedom, Hope and Peace, receiving the ‘Jean Nussbaum and Eleanor Roosevelt’ Award at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, during the Global Summit on Religion, Peace and Security.