MAE: Prognosis for underage Romanian attacked in France remains reserved


PSD MEP said he would propose a resolution in EP on the danger of “the establishment of the rule of right-wing political hooligans”

Romanian MEP Damian Draghici said yesterday the moral culprit for the disfigurement of the underage Romanian born Roma youth is Marine Le Pen and the hateful speech of the “National Front of Hooligans”, as the Social Democrat MEP called the National Front (the extremist party led by Marine Le Pen – editor’s note).

“The lack of humanity of these people without God should be condemned by the solidarity of the good. We can not move on just like that after such event. The judiciary and the state institutions should do their job,” Draghici told RFI. He pointed out there’s a need for ” an attitude against the political hooligans represented by extremist parties such as the National Front, UKIP, Jobbik, which unconsciously throw Western and Eastern Europe into violence, insecurity and fear.”

“We can not let these hooligans destroy Europe,” said Draghici. The Romanian MEP calls on the French authorities to find as soon as possible those who lynched the Romanian minor: “It is clear that the French authorities should work harder, day and night, to find these individuals who caused this problem.” He also said he is planning to propose a resolution in the European Parliament and get involved “in setting up a coalition of representative European voices, who do not want the establishment of the rule of right-wing political hooligans in their lives, in the core of Europe.”

In his turn, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Schengen, Mircea Geoana (PSD), said the lynching of the Roma minor in France is a result of policies instigating to racial hatred and anti-immigration rhetoric. “It’s a very serious incident and I hope the young man will recover as quickly as possible. (…) Unfortunately, these things happen when the political factor amplifies the feelings causing such violence,” Geoana said. He also pointed out that if the political and public rhetoric around these topics does not ease off, there is a risk to have a radicalized public opinion.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) said in a press release the vital prognosis of the Romanian minor assaulted in France is still reserved, but his general condition is stable. “The diplomatic mission works in close cooperation with the relevant French authorities with a view to obtaining updated information on the case and speeding up the investigation. For the same purpose, a legal cooperation between the Romanian and French judicial authorities was also launched,” MAE reports. According to this source, the French authorities have warned that public information cannot be released as long as a criminal investigation is underway, according to the French law. MAE also noted that the Romanian Embassy in Paris on Tuesday sent a consular team to the Plaine Saint-Denis Commissioner’s Office to provide specialized consular assistance to the victim’s family.

We remind our readers that a Romanian 16-year-old boy from a Roma camp is in coma in a hospital in Paris, after 12 people beat him on suspicions of housebreaking in a rural town in Seine-Saint Denis French department, in the central-north of France. No person has been arrested yet.