Major parties choose candidates for legislative elections

So far, the only prominent USL politicians that announced their intention to run in elections are the acting minister of Environment, Rovana Plumb, and the secretary general of PSD, Liviu Dragnea, while in PDL the former minister of Economy, Lucian Bode.

Although the lists of candidates for the December 9 parliamentary elections are far from being completed, the end of September brings the first names of candidates for a new mandate of MP. Politicians’ impatience to announce their bid for a new term in the Legislative is explained by the fact that both USL and PDL have set October 15 as deadline for officially announcing their candidates and for submitting their lists of candidates, although the law sets October 30 as deadline.The Social-Democrats acquired these days a new and influential member, in the person of former TV journalist Gabriela Firea (the wife of PSD member Florin Pandele). The announcement was made yesterday by Social-Democrat Robert Negoita, who explained that Firea’s decision to join the ranks of PSD is an advantage for the party. In her turn, Firea mentioned that she might enter the race for Parliament, if she meets “the criteria set by the party.So far, the prominent members of PSD that announced their intention to run in the general elections are the minister of Environment, Rovana Plumb (PSD), which will run for a constituency of the Dambovita County. Another politician that could enter the race is the secretary general of PSD, Liviu Dragnea. “I will seriously ponder the decision of running for the Parliament, as the motivations are diverse. (…) The decision to run in elections must be made very fast, and this is why a poll will be conducted, to better know the people’s opinions,” Dragnea said, quoted by Mediafax. He added that USL should have between 50 and 60 pc in Parliament, in order to hold the quorum necessary for modifying the Constitution “in essential topics like the administrative reform or regional development.”

The effervescence also radiated towards county organisations. One of the first regional branches that announced their lists of candidates is PSD Suceava, which decided to support as candidates the Social-Democrats that already represent their respective constituencies in Parliament, so Ovidiu Dontu (the executive president of PSD Suceava) will run in the elections for the Senate in Constituency 3 Falticeni, Eugen Uricec will run for the Chamber of Deputies in Constituency 4 Falticeni, deputy Ioan Stan in Constituency 5 that comprises the rural outskirts of Falticeni, deputy Eugen Bejinariu in the uninominal Constituency 8 of the Siret town, and senator Gavril Mirza will run for deputy in Constituency 3. For the remaining constituencies (1, 2 and 7), the candidates will be established by vote. “There are constituencies where PSD and USL can win over 50 pc of votes, so candidates must be appointed with great accuracy and professionalism,” Ovidiu Dontu, the leader of the organisation explained.In Buzau, too, the Social-Democrats voted their candidates for Parliament at the end of last week. The list includes acting deputies Adrian Mocanu and Marian Ghiveciu, the former president of the Buzau County Council (CJ), Victor Mocanu, which could run for the Senate in the 3rd Constituency. Senator Ion Vasile lost the support of the organisation for a new mandate.Possible alliance between USL and the GreensPSD

President Victor Ponta said at the end of last week that he considers the possibility that USL offers eligible places in the parliamentary elections to the representatives of the newly-formed green party that will result from the merger between the Ecologist Party of Romania (PER), the Green Party (PV) and the Movement of Agrarian Democratic-Greens (MVDA). “It is very important to have this European political family (the greens) represented in Parliament. They have not been represented in Parliament since year 2000. I have this intention, which I will present in PSD, in USL,” Ponta explained. The PSD leader did not disclose how many eligible places will be ceded by USL to the new political party. USL sources quoted by Mediafax said that the first step in this direction was already made by USL, as the leader of the MVDA, Remus Cernea will run in an eligible constituency of Hunedoara, which the Union will cede to him. As they recently announced, PSD and UNPR will have 246 candidates in eligible constituencies, while the remaining constituencies (206) will go to the Center-Right Alliance PNL-PC.

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