Managers forecast upward trend for constructions, trade until August


Construction and trade activities are on an upward trend until August, while manufacturing and services will see a moderate growth compared to the previous months, according to the balance indicator obtained by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) by polling managers in June. Managers of the manufacturing industry expect a moderate growth (+10 percent balance indicator). The forecast for beverages is steep increase (+52 percent). The prices of industrial goods will be relatively stable until August (+3 percent balance indicator). As regards the number of employees, the expectations are also for stable figures (+3 percent) for the manufacturing industry overall. According to managers, constructions will grow by 19 percent, the stock of contracts and orders by 14 percent, and the employees figure will inch up 2 percent over the next months.
A moderate growth of 7 percent is expected for the price of construction works. The retail trade managers estimate a 22 percent growth until August, with a volume of orders to suppliers up 26 percent. Employers also forecast a moderate increase of the number of employees (+9 percent balance indicator). Retail prices will moderately increase (+9 percent). INS expects a small upward trend (+11 percent) of the demand of services, as reflected by the turnover, while the number of employees will be a little smaller (-6 percent balance indicator).