Marian-Jean Marinescu, MEP of the year

Romanian MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu, of the Democratic Liberal Party, on Tuesday, March 18, was designated the MEP of the year in the ‘Research and Innovation’ category during the annual gala of the MEP Awards, which was organized by The Parliament magazine, informs a release of the EPP group that was published on Wednesday.
Marian-Jean Marinescu was rewarded with this distinction after reaping the most numerous votes from the Eurodeputies in a category, in which German Eurodeputy Christian Ehler, of the EPP group, and British MEP Vicky Ford, of the ECR group, were also nominated.
‘I am thanking people who nominated me and my MEP colleagues for their vote of confidence. Considering my basic profession and the work I have been doing for the last eight years in the European Parliament, I regard research and innovation as being extremely important for our future. I am dedicating this award to my team and all the contributors to this report,’ the above-mentioned release quotes Marian-Jean Marinescu as saying about the award for the merits of his report on the Galileo and EGNOS navigation satellite systems.
Marian-Jean Marinescu, who is also vice-chairman of the EPP group, is the only Romanian MEP nominated for this year’s awards of The Parliament.
The MEP Awards are given annually to the members of the European Parliament, who distinguished themselves through their activity in a certain field. There were 15 categories in the 2014 competition.

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