Medical aircraft crashes in Cluj County, several injured

An aircraft that left Bucharest yesterday afternoon toward Oradea, carrying a medical team that included the spokesman of the Elias Hospital, dr. Valentin Calu, crashed in the Cluj County, according to MAI sources quoted by Mediafax. The small airplane crashed in a mountain area near Belis, Cluj County. Cluj County prefect Gheorghe Vuscan informed that seven people were aboard the airplane, one of which reported the incident to the emergency number 112. According to medical sources, the plane carried four doctors, a nurse and two members of the flight crew, all of them having escaped alive with some injuries. The medical team onboard was going to Oradea for an organ extraction surgery.

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  1. Transylvanian Werewolf says:

    Over 24 hours after this tragedy you really should have updated the info:- Senior Pilot dead, 24 year old female military medical student died from injuries and hypothermia.

    May they + Rest In Peace +

    4 injured brought to hospital.

    It took well over 6 hours for the crash site to be located due to poor co-ordination of the various rescue services involved in the search, now the political blame game starts as to just who was responsible for co-coordinating rescue efforts. Ultimately the blame lands at “Copy & Paste” Ponta’s table, he needs to resign before more government foul-ups are the cause of more loss of life.

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