MedLife, over EUR 1 M investment in Iasi

Romanian private healthcare operator MedLife has continued its expansion in the country and recently opened a new hyper-clinic in Iasi, after a EUR 1.1 million investment, according to a press release, following to purchase also an analysis lab in the city in the next two months. The unit located in Iasi covers an area of 1,200 sq m, has more than 20 medical specialties and provides imaging services, lab tests, consultations and full investigation. A team of around 100 people work in the new clinic. “(…) As a result of these investments we estimate that a total of 250 patients per day will use MedLife services and will serve about half the population of Iasi in the next three years,” said Mihai Marcu, Chairman of the Board of MedLife. Thus, the company reaches a total of 11 hyper-clinics in Bucharest and across the country, and plans two other openings this year, in Constanta and Cluj-Napoca. In late-April, MedLife opened another hyper-clinic in Galati, Romania, following an investment of EUR 800,000.

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