Members of former Board of Directors of Tarom file lawsuit against the company

The implementation of private management at Tarom and recruitment of Board of Directors’ members, which already cost EUR 200,000, is shaping up to be a failure. After tens of thousands of euros paid to former members of the private Board of Directors (CA) of Tarom, the state may be forced to pay additional damages amounting to tens of thousands of euros, claims. The five members of the former CA of Tarom – Dan Pascariu, Valentic Macec, Ciprian Ladunca, Marius Ghenea, and Dumitru Prunariu – who were revoked by the General Shareholder’s Assembly last November have sued the state company. “We request the court to acknowledge that our dismissal was unjust and consequently, that we are paid damages of tens of thousands of euros, in accordance with the mandate contract,” Pascariu, former CA Tarom chairman, said, as he believes the former Board met its contractual obligations. Therefore, the former members of the board will also be requesting reimbursement for uncashed bonuses. Nicolae Demetriade, the sole member of the first private CA Tarom who resigned before the board was revoked, stated he did not file a lawsuit against the company. “I have no financial claims against Tarom. I said I would help with the company’s recovery and that is what I did,” Demetriade added. However, he did file a complaint with the Trade Register because the persons in charge of recruiting the new members of CA did not go through all the necessary stages. Prunariu and Demetriade were the only members of the former board with aviation experience.

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