Mercedes-Benz and TIFF – 12 years, co-authors of a successful story in cinematographic culture

  • Mercedes-Benz is TIFF’s Official Car for the 12th consecutive year;
  • The Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), the first and largest Romanian festival dedicated to feature films has reached its 17th edition;
  • This year around too, Mercedes-Benz Romania will bestow upon a Romanian film personality an Excellence Award for their entire career

The Transylvania International Film Festival, the largest Romanian festival dedicated to feature films, has reached its 17th edition and in the last 12 years Mercedes-Benz rounded off the moviegoers’ experience as the Official Car. Cluj-Napoca, the renowned festival’s host city, will welcome with open arms Romanian and international moviegoers from May 25 to June 3.

“Mercedes-Benz’s 12-year presence at the most important and respected Romanian film festival represents for us more than an association with an event – we are already co-authors of a successful story, one that speaks about cultural and inspirational excellence in the world of film. Each year, we are honoured to offer the TIFF guests premium experiences during the festival, both onboard the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz auto vehicles and by staging memorable activities that will mark the main moments of the Festival. It is a pleasure for us to return to Cluj, a city that every person should visit, especially in June, to take the recommended dose of cinematographic culture but also the dose of inspiration in order to lead new projects,” Philipp Hagenburger, Managing Director Passenger Cars and CEO Mercedes-Benz Romania, stated.

“TIFF promotes local and international cinematography, placing the emphasis on diversity, originality, freedom of expression – values that guarantee, year after year, authentic cultural experiences. Throughout the 12 years of partnership, Mercedes-Benz has dedicated itself to the recognition of excellence, by awarding outstanding Romanian film personalities and by encouraging talented actors who want to take a step further, from the theatre stage to the silver screen. We are hence grateful to them, we are glad we share the same values, and we anxiously await the surprises in store at the new TIFF edition,” TIFF Director Tudor Giurgiu stated.

Mercedes-Benz E Class, the smartest business class limousine, as well as GLC, the versatile SUV that can conquer any road, will preside over TIFF’s auto fleet this year, alongside the V Class, renowned for its comfort. The three Mercedes-Benz stars will give the guests an unforgettable ride to the red carpet. In their turn, the organisers will benefit from logistic support from the Sprinter, Vito and Citan light-weight commercial vehicles.

This year around too, Mercedes-Benz supports “10 for FILM,” a programme that plans to promote 10 talented theatre actors in the world of film. At TIFF, the actors benefit from presentation materials – brochures, photographs and movie clips made by a professional studio –, take part in a series of workshops and meetings, and are presented to the public, journalists and the people who could change their careers – film directors, producers, casting directors and agents.

At the TIFF 2018 Gala, Mercedes-Benz Romania will confer the “Excellence Award” for the entire career upon a Romanian film personality. Famous actors, such as Radu Beligan (2008), Mircea Albulescu (2009), Liviu Ciulei (2010), Lucian Pintilie (2011), Iosif Demian and Helmut Sturmer (2012), Luminita Gheorghiu (2013), Florin Zamfirescu (2014), Marin Muraru (2015), Carmen Galin (2016) and Tora Vasilescu (2017), have received this award from Mercedes-Benz in recent years, for their contribution to Romanian cinematography.