Mihai Razvan Ungureanu: “I believe a limit has been reached”

Former chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service and former PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu said that the conflict between Prime Minister Ponta and President Basescu exceeded any limit and must stop as soon as possible.
“I believe a limit of relation between political players has been reached. I will not allow myself to denominate people, but these manners to do politics arrive on the tables of western offices for sure, and are the salt and pepper of diplomatic telegrams. … I am very calm. I am opposed to this behavior and I believe the major things regarding us, one must look with earnestness,” he told adevarul.ro.
He approached the matter of the union among the right-wing forces before this year’s elections. “The need of the right-wing started to take shape last year in October. It is also a way for some people to justify the political construction they belong to. … The politicians talking about vanity, they are talking about their own vanity. That would be a problem for the MEP campaign, a campaign of political fitness. You will see how the talks about European themes will be very poor, there are no people to support them and it is hard to translate them to voters kept in the dark. For the presidential campaign, that would be one of the major themes, Romania’s foreign policy, the way we stand regarding the situation in Ukraine and I hope the Romanians will perceive the difference between truth and lie, active and passive, based on these subjects.”
Ungureanu stressed that the next president of Romania must be able to juggle with matters of foreign policy and have constructive relations with the leaders of the major powers, the Russian Federation included.
“He should be a person able to understand the international context, to have practical experience in the international relations and to know what the national and regional security level is. Secondly, a president able to represent Romania in its relations with European partners, able to be articulate, expressive, credible. A president who speaks English at a poor level has no place at Cotroceni, neither has one who is illiterate in terms of international relations. A president who deems diplomacy as entertainment is a false president. A president who starts now to learn the addressed of his partners, either in Brussels or in Washington, I don’t believe he can assume the major responsibility to he the head of the executive in Romania,” he said, according to adevarul.ro.
“The future president will have to manage a country which is a NATO member. He will manage an EU member state, so in solidarity with most European states, but he will manage a Romania on the first line. Romania will have the conscience of its presence in the front guard. Politically, there is a Cold War. Strategically, we advance towards the point where the dialogue channels are restricted or cut,” he added.

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