Mihai Razvan Ungureanu breathing down Predoiu’s neck

The Civic Force leader is increasingly closer to a merger with PDL and could be included in PNL
and PDL’s joint polls for the designation of their presidential candidate.

Catalin Predoiu’s presidential candidacy on behalf of PDL is starting to be increasingly shaky. According to ‘Adevarul’ daily, Civic Force leader Mihai Razvan Ungureanu is a step away from joining Vasile Blaga’s party. He made a first step in this direction on Monday evening, at a meeting attended by several PDL leaders. The meeting took place at a restaurant in Bucharest, the issues tackled including a possible merger between the Civic Force and the Democrat Liberals.
“We have been toying with the idea of MRU joining the united right-wing movement. Now we are waiting for Mr. Ungureanu’s decision. The proposal has been made,” Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca stated for ‘Adevarul.’
Subsequently, even PDL President Vasile Blaga admitted on Realitatea TV that he is negotiating with the Civic Force and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu a possible merger between the two parties. “When we met the first time and we talked about alliance and merger between PNL and PDL, both I and Crin Antonescu have stated very clearly that both parties, following the course of unifying the Romanian right wing, can make mergers through absorption. (…) We are engaged in advanced talks with the Civic Force and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, we will announce the results on Monday, when things will be very clear,” Blaga stated, being quoted by evz.ro.
The PDL President pointed out that the merger congress meetings of the two parties will take place on July 27, and the name of the presidential candidate will be revealed around August 3. “The unification of the right wing is not a new theme, it has been discussed for over 20 years. (…) We are about to build a party that focuses on the citizen’s agenda,” the Democrat Liberal added.
According to him, on their own PDL and the PNL stand no chance to win the upcoming presidential elections, but after they merge the person they will pick as their common candidate has the best odds to defeat Social-Democrat Victor Ponta: “We will run in the presidential election as an alliance, our decision-making bodies established that we should field a single candidate of the right wing. (…) We design this arrangement in order to enhance our chances in the presidential elections, and my opinion is that the candidate we will support, whether this is Mr. Predoiu, Mr. Klaus Johannis, or Mr. Crin Antonescu – and I mention only those about whom we know they can make it to the runoff – are people who are likely to win the Presidency of Romania. Separately none of these parties stands a chance, but together their chances are much higher. We are not making this construction just for the presidential race, we make it for medium- and long-term Romania, we also make it for the general elections in 2016.”
Ungureanu’s move to join PDL would be his last chance to catch the train for the presidency. It would be more easy for the former premier to make room for himself within PDL, considering that PNL is already dealing with two heavyweight leaders (Crin Antonescu and Klaus Johannis) who are vying over the position of presidential candidate of the right wing, while among the Democrat Liberals only Catalin Predoiu, who is weaker in the polls than the two Liberals, has expressed his intention to run for president.
Within PDL there is already talk of the possibility of including MRU in opinion polls, based on the PNL model which stakes on two options for the presidential elections. “We would be happy for the Civic Force to merge with PDL. If it merges with PDL then MRU might become part of the four that will enter the two parties’ joint opinion polls, but the Civic Force and PDL have to merge by July 26. We previously made the offer to him in 2013 too. Mr. Blaga wanted to postpone the internal competition if MRU were to join,” party sources quoted by adevarul.ro have stated.
Ungureanu himself recently stated on ‘Adevarul Live’ that he wants to be the right wing’s presidential candidate. “I continue to have a dialogue with PNL and PDL. If there is vision and wisdom, they can reach a common candidate. I want to be this candidate, to be voted both by PDL and PNL. We have to be aware that the future president has to be voted by 5 million Romanians,” Ungureanu stated.

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