Minister Sova promises 391 km of motorway until 2017

A new working schedule at Transilvania highway. Suplacu de Barcau-Bors stretch has funding from the budget and Campia Turzii-Targu Mures stretch will be built with EU funds.

The works at Transilvania motorway between Bors and Sebes will be concluded in late 2017, over 391 km, assures Minister of Transports Dan Sova, who was present in Oradea on Sunday. “The good news for Transilvania motorway is that we managed to start it…We foresee that the stretch Sebes-Turda would be ready by December 31, 2015, if not by March, 2016. Suplacu de Barcau-Bors stretch will be ready by 2016 and Suplacu de Barcau-Nadasel, by 2017. These are the realistic deadlines,” said Sova.

The minister added that Suplacu de Barcau-Bors stretch still has a three-year funding allocation, 2014, 2015 and 2016, since the moment the budget is created. Gilau-Nadasel has also funding from the budget and the stretch from Suplacu de Barcau to Nadasel, of 93 km, will be the first motorway design to be fully funded from the excise tax imposed on April 1.  “The yearly collected amount of money from the excise tax is EUR 500 million, so there will be no problem in funding this stretch,” stressed the minister.
From the initial design of the old Transilvania motorway, the stretch Campia Turzii to Targu Mures will be built with European funds, a four-lane national road was proposed as a technical solution, to run outside cities, and whose costs are lower than the motorway. Sova, who was in Cluj on Saturday, said that the works at the next stretch between Suplacu de Barcau and Bors, of 64 km, and which is 52 per cent ready, will start in October and will conclude in two years. “Suplacu de Barcau-Bors stretch will cost EUR 230 million,” said Sova.
As for PM Victor Ponta, he said on Friday in Cluj that the works at Transilvania motorway will restart this autumn, as extra money went to the budget, following the excise tax for fuel.
Minister of Transports said on Saturday at Turda mayoralty that he signed the order to kick off the works at the Turda-Sebes motorway, over 70 km, as the works will start on May 20 on the 3 and 4 areas, and in two months for the 1 and 2 areas. The minister of Transports voiced his hope that the works will conclude on December 31, 2015, faster than the contract deadline, April 2016. According to him, Turda-Sebes motorway is important because it will connect Cluj to Pan-European Corridor IV, to Bucharest.
Conclusion of Sibiu-Orastie motorway on November 15, uncertain
The week end was busy for Minister Sova, as he was in Sibiu on Friday where he said, after a visit to part 3 of Sibiu-Orastie motorway, that he is “uncertain” that the works will be concluded by the deadline on November 15 and asked the builders to be busier on the construction site.” Sova asked CNADNR and Sibiu National Roads Company to “pester” the builders so that the deadline should be met. Sova promised that he will return to the site in “two to three weeks” to re-evaluate the situation.
He said that for any type of works, “if the entrepreneur refuses to pay the subcontractor, CNADNR will pay them from the money the entrepreneur must pay to them,” in two month’s time. Sova added that the works at the roundabout at Medias will start in 2015, where there is a problem with the traffic including heavy vehicles, especially through the center of the city.” Last but not least, the Minister of Transports said most of the 6.5 km remaining at the Bucharest-Ploiesti motorway will be concluded this year, but said the constructing company asks CNADNR for EUR 90 million for extra works.
IMF derogation on firing 2,500 employees at CFR marfa
Minister of Transports Dan Sova also announced he will ask IMF for an abrogation to the provision in the agreement signed with the Romanian Government regarding the lay-off of 2,500 people at CFR Marfa, as there are solutions to save 1,100 jobs. According to him, the layoffs are possible only after the revenues and the turnover of the company went up. Besides, during the discussions in early June with the IMF, CFR Marfa asked that unions’ representatives should be present for a total transparency.
Complete overhaul of Tarom board
Tarom board of directors was completely replaced, as it was considered that the management plan was “not good enough,” announced minister of Transports on Friday in Sibiu. “The management plan was fully rejected. According to the law, the management plan is presented. He was analyzed by the directorates of the Minister of Transports, it was concluded that it is not good enough for Tarom and consequently the entire board was dismissed,” said Sova. He added that the approval of this management plan was the “contest of their lifetime” for Tarom board. When he was told about people who are speaking about the political factor in appointing new board members, Sova said: “The new board did not have time to do anything, they were barely appointed. Where I stand, there are no political factors.”

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