Moldovan PM: Basescu’s statements on unification are causing us problems

President Traian Basescu’s statements about the unification are causing crucial problems for the Republic of Moldova, Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca stated on a TV show on National 4, according to “Mr. Basescu’s statement has done us no good; instead, it has only managed to create crucial problems for us. I salute PM Ponta’s statement. I wouldn’t want to create division or separation. What we need is something else. We need a neighbouring country, Romania, which has a credible voice within the European Union and can help us achieve this objective along the European path. Under no circumstance does the European path mean the Republic of Moldova losing its sovereignty, but only that it will finally be a functional state (…),” Prime Minister Iurie Leanca stated. On November 27, President Traian Basescu had stated at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius that “Romania’s next national project is the unification with the Republic of Moldova.” Subsequently, PM Victor Ponta said “this statement adds fuel to Moldovan Communists’ fire.” The President’s statement has also been harshly criticized in the Russian press. Referring to the Moldovan PM’s statements with regard to Romania’s prospective unification with the Republic of Moldova and possible ensuing crucial problems for the latter, Iulian Chifu, Counselor to the President, wrote on Facebook on Saturday Iurie Leanca has missed an opportunity to be quiet, since he does not understand what is going on in Bucharest.

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  1. Ctin says:

    Pai, de la fratele nostru, Leanca, saracul, n-ai pretentii, pentru ca e intr-o situatie foarte dificila, dar de la Ponta, cetatean roman, ai asteptari mai mari.
    Desigur, privit din avion, deoarece la sol se stie ca PSD, Ponta and comp. = Russia.

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