Moody weather, falling temperatures

After several days featuringhighs of over 30 degrees Celsius,the weather will cool down in thefollowing week. Storms, thunderstormsand torrential rainswill be registered. Storms haveswept through southeasternregions since Friday, June 13.The courtyards of approximately100 households, 25 homes, apharmacy, the basement of oneapartment building and dozensof cellars were flooded inRamnicu Sarat area as a result ofthe torrential rains on Fridayevening, Mediafax informs. Apowerful storm hit Bucharesttoo, several trees being uprootedby the powerful wind gusts,damaging several cars. The stormcame after a day that saw temperaturessurpassing 30 degreesCelsius. The downpour overwhelmedthe sewerage system insome areas of the capital, thestreets being flooded as a result.Several traffic jams were registeredin intersections, B1TVinforms.On Saturday the atmosphericinstability moved on toMoldavia, Transylvania andBaragan, showers being registeredthere on Sunday.Moreover, meteorologistshave issued on Saturday a YellowCode nowcasting warning forshowers and storms in Bucharest,Ilfov County, as well as thenorthern halves of Prahova,Buzau and Giurgiu counties, inforce until 16.00 hrs EEST.According to the NationalMeteorology Administration(ANM), in the aforementionedareas frequent electrical discharges,wind gusts, small andmedium-sized hail, as well asdownpours that exceeded 25-30liters per square meter wereabout to be registered. The nowcastingwarnings for dangerousweather were issued for a maximumof six hours.The week starts with unstableweather in southern regions andin mountainous areas, where theskies will be mostly overcast andrains, thunderstorms and briefhikes in wind speed will be registered.Conditions for hailstormswill be registered, and the quantityof rainfall could be more significantover limited areas, informs. In the rest ofthe country however the sun willshine and this kind of atmosphericinstability phenomenawill be rare. In the afternoonthere will be 21 degrees Celsiusin northern Moldavia and 29degrees in southwestern regions.In Bucharest on Monday the skywill be temporarily overcast andthunderstorms are expected.There will be approximately 22degrees Celsius at noon, a bitchilly for mid-June, and the windspeed will reach up to 25 kilometersper hour. On Tuesday theweather will warm up slightly,temperatures going as high as 25degrees, but the sky will continueto be overcast.

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