Moscow warns Romania over its leaders’ anti – Russian statements

MAE, very much surprised by Russian Foreign Ministry’s remarks.

The AFP news agency, quoted by Mediafax, on Friday reported that Russia warned Romania over what it deems anti-Russian statements by Romanian state leaders on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. He pointed out that relations between Romania and Russia are deteriorating, which is in nobody’s interest. AFP quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying in a press release that ministry noticed a series of new anti-Russian statements by Romania’s President Traian Basescu that Russia has committed aggression against Ukraine.
The ministry was pointing to a speech delivered by President Traian Basescu on the 10th anniversary of Romania’s NATO membership. The Russian Foreign Ministry also pointed a blaming finger at Romania’s Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean, arguing that behind such attacks the clear intention of Romania to ignore the initial causes of the Ukrainian crisis can be guessed.  This anti-Russian rhetoric at Romania’s high level, the ministry said, is in nobody’s interest.
In retort, Spokesperson for Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) Brandusa Predescu says MAE was very much surprised to learn about recent remarks by her Russian counterpart Alexander Lukashevich on recent statements by Romanian state officials on the situation in Ukraine.
‘Romania supported and continues to support, together with its partners inside NATO and the European Union and in fully similar terms, the need for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity being observed. This is Romania’s principled position consistently supported in other similar contexts as well when internationally recognised borders were unilaterally modified or called into question by ignoring fundamental international law principles. The temptation of the Russian Foreign Ministry to transfer the serious crisis facing the Russian Federation in its relation with the European and Euro-Atlantic community in the area of bilateral relations with Romania is ungrounded and also a mistake,’ Predescu says in a press release.
She added that ‘it is regrettable that the positive accumulations of 2013 in the Romanian-Russian dialogue are made relative by Romania’s partners in Moscow given that Romania, by its position, does not attempt anything but ensuring a sustainable climate of stability and predictability in Europe.’
Mircea Geoana, PSD Senator and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, also noted that the Russian MAE’s statements are unjustified and reinforce the unacceptable attitude and actions undertaken by the Russian Federation against its neighbours within the last several years. In a press release cited by Mediafax, the former minister emphasized that “Russia’s aggression against a sovereign state is beyond question, and the representatives of the Romanian state have not issued any anti-Russian statements, but merely underlined a reality which is evident to the entire international community – Ukraine’s borders have shifted after an act of aggression was committed by the Russian Federation on the territory of another state.” “Romania is interested in maintaining a constructive relationship with Russia that benefits both sides, but it will not stand idly by as actions that are in violation of international treaties and induce a climate of instability in the region and the world are being taken,” Geoana said further.
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