Nana committee rules Ioana Basescu’s land purchase contract is invalid

The Parliament committee investigating the circumstances in which Ioana Basescu, daughter of President Basescu, purchased a plot of agricultural land in Nana village (Calarasi County), considering that the company from which Ioana Basescu bought the land was inactive the moment the contract was signed and therefore the contract is void.
PSD Senator Gabriela Firea said on Wednesday during a press conference that, at the time the land was bought, namely the time when the purchase contract was signed between Berfige Ltd and Ioana Basescu, the Italian company was not active anymore.
Although the president of the committee Mihai Fifor said the report will be submitted to the united standing bureaus, to be later presented to the plenum after the Easter Holiday, Firea said the report is 90 percent ready and the commission members need only certain documents and other hearings.

She said the committee members will call for hearings again the notary public that registered the transaction, considering the new information that was revealed to the committee.
The Government will notify the Prosecutor’s Office regarding the case of land restitution in Nana village, indicating that a lot of such operations over the past years are irregularities and that, in September 2013, a land was sold to “an individual” by a company declared inactive.
The conclusions are presented in the report of the PM control body, which operated a control action at Nana village mayoralty, aiming to check whether the legal requirements were observed concerning the reinstatement of property right on some lands outside the village.
The document reveals that, once the property right on the agriculture land outside Nana village was reinstated, a deed done by breaching the legal requirements between 2009 and 2010, these surfaces were sold by Berfige company, signing eight purchase contracts. Through these contracts, the company purchased 35 plots of land over a total surface of 290.41 ha.
The total amount paid between 2009 and 2010 to purchase the 35 plots was RON 3,437,647.92.
Monday night, PM Ponta said the Government inspectors sent to Calarasi Planning Office for the lands at Nana found out that 80 percent of the land are illegally returned, resulting a long chain of felonies and illegal restorations, and the final beneficiary in 2013 is Traian Basescu.
Tuesday night, President Traian Basescu sent a message to the prosecutors, during the results of the Ministry of the Interior at the investigation of the PM control body regarding the purchase of land at Nana: “I ask you to investigate at once and, if the law is breached, even the Romanian President should answer for it.”

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