Nastase to learn ruling on January 6

The Supreme Court delayed last night the verdict on Zambaccian case for early January. The former PM, his wife Dana Nastase, and former Chief of ISC Irina Jianu, are charged with corruption and blackmail. Anticorruption prosecutors have requested prison sentences for the couple.

Yesterday was a long and agitated day for former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase and his wife, Dana. The two arrived at ICCJ (High Court of Cassation and Justice) headquarters early yesterday for the last hearing in the Zambaccian case. DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) prosecutors requested the five magistrates compiling the Supreme Court panel for Adrian and Dana Nastase to be sentenced to prison. The magistrate showed the court that the three ICCJ panel judges who ruled in this case did not take into consideration DNA’s numerous pieces of evidence, including testimonies of prosecution witnesses, economic reports, and accounting analyses. Related to the property located on Christian Tell Street, which the former PM said belonged to Paul Opris’s successors, the prosecutor pointed out witnesses in this case, namely several workers who did repair work at this establishment, have testified that it belonged to Nastase. Although attempts were made, the prosecutor continued, the prosecution could not find any document attesting to the fact that Opris had paid for work performed on the property located on Christian Tell Street. According to the magistrate, many of the assets brought over from China were found there. He asked the sentences for all charges brought against the defendants in this case to be re-individualized and the Nastase spouses to be sentenced to prison, as well as the court’s sentence in the Irina Puala Jianu to be increased.
In turn, the former PM’s lawyers requested the five-judge Supreme Court panel to retry the Zambaccian case. “A retrial would be useful in that it would bring up very important aspects such as the ambient recordings that were not stipulated by the law at that time, regardless whether they were carried out prior to or in the criminal investigation phase,” lawyer Ioan Cazacu stated. He said he cannot anticipate the court’s decision, but a “peaceful, fair, and just” trial is to be desired, one in which all arguments are weighed. Spouses Adrian and Dana Nastase, Cazacu added, will respect the court’s decision, whatever it will be.
Prior to these statements, Adrian Nastase commented early yesterday upon entering ICCJ headquarters that this case has created a lot of confusion by turning defendants into witnesses and witnesses into defendants. The former Prime Minister went on to say he had provided the land to the contractor, who was supposed to grant him one of the four apartments in Zambaccian by the book, flooring and health care items included. When asked if the stake of this trial is acquittal, Nastase replied, “Evidently! Looking back on these last 24 years, I hope the tradition of Christmas will finally come to mean something else, as far as many aspects are concerned, and we can finally welcome the New Year with more optimism and hope.” When asked what this trial has meant to her, Dana Nastase answered, “Eight years of work and reading of more than 12,000 pages.”

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