Net wages drop in January by RON 135 to RON 1,625

The average net wages droppedin January by 7.7 percent (RON135) compared to the previousmonth, to RON 1,625, followingthe premiums granted inDecember and the small salariesor hiring for low wages.Compared to January 2013, theaverage net wages went up by 5percent, according to a reportissued by the National Instituteof Statistics (INS).The most significant depreciationsof the average net wages,between 21 and 25 percent,was reported in production ofcomputers and electronic andoptical products, basic and preparedpharmaceutical products,real estate transactions, paperand stationery products. Therewas also a 15 to 20 percentdecrease in the coke coal productsand the crude oil products,power and heat supply,gas and heated water supplyand air conditioning supply,production of other means oftransportation, production ofelectrical equipment, researchand development, professional,technical and scientific activities,financial transactions(except insurance and pensionfunds), metallurgic industry.The major increases in thenominal net average wageswere reported in the crude oiland natural gas extraction(RON 4,144) and the lowestin hotels and restaurants(RON 972).

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