New alliance in view of EP elections

Three of the four parties that are part of USL – PSD, UNPR and PC – have launched the Social Democrat Union (USD) yesterday, an electoral alliance under whose aegis they will take part in the European Parliament elections in May. PSD President Victor Ponta stated at the launch that “we have an electoral alliance consisting of 3 of the 4 parties making up USL, it has 2 of USL’s three letters, but it plans to have 100 per cent of USL’s message, action and goals with which we have presented ourselves before the people since 2011.” In his turn, UNPR President Gabriel Oprea pointed out that the Union will send the best candidates in the EP elections, while PC President Daniel Constantin said that “on USD’s list you will not find people that sold the country in Brussels for the sake of political capital or sympathies.” Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu was invited at USD’s launch on Monday.

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